Tips to Choose the Best Hot Tubs at Costco Before You Purchase One

Costco, the world’s biggest membership-only warehouse club provides tons of merchandise. People choose this American retailer because it offers much lower cost to save their budget. Purchasing quality and branded in incredible discounts make Costco really worth to deal with.

So, how about buying hot tubs at Costco? The retailer surely offers a great selection of spas that you can choose. However, since this product is sold in a quite expensive price tag, buying one from the big box store like Costco is not actually the best decision. You have to consider several things to buy the best one.

Here, we have some hot tub tips on how to choose the best hot tubs at Costco by considering some points before you decide to buy one.

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Hot Tubs at Costco Tips

hot tubs at costco


The first thing you would want to explore is the specifications. You can browse the hot tub specs on the internet or from the free brochure that some official website offers. Of course, when you buy a spa, you want to have the best hydrotherapy feature that it can give to you. There are some essential features that you need to consider, such as:

  • The size

    Are you going to invite your friends or children in your therapy session? Then choose the medium to large hot tubs that can occupy 4 to 8 adults. The smallest tubs usually can fit 2 adults which suit your intimate moment.

  • The jets

    Jets are important to give the best relaxing sensation. The numbers and jet’s material that are used determine the therapeutic quality you can get.

  • The durability

    Choose hot tubs for a lifetime which is made from durable material and resistant to severe weather conditions.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Different hot tubs offer different energy efficiency features. Sure the bigger and the more jet numbers of the spas determine the cost of energy you should spend. But consider the ones which have the better energy efficiency features which could save your money better.


Most of the warranties of hot tubs at Costco do not cover any errors, damages, and malfunctions caused by improper installation, improper maintenance, and commercial use. You surely don’t want to argue with the manufacturers regarding the warranty issues. So, always hire a professional spa service, or even better, hire the manufacturer of the hot tubs.


Permits for installing a new hot tub at a big box store is never addressed until the deal of purchasing the spa has completed. It means the responsibility is on the buyers’ hand, to get the permit for the installation of a new hot tub.

Since hot tubs involve water and electricity, permits are required. Right installation and safety need to be addressed to avoid some failures.

As the conclusion, the big box retailer like Costco is certainly like the best deal for daily purchase. When it comes to purchasing a hot tub, it is a must for you to take a deep consideration. You have to understand the tubs and get educated by all the options available.

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