How do you fix leaking toilet?

No one likes to have a leaking toilet for that is not only unhygienic but can also cause water damage to the bathroom floor or the walls. Most people consider that leaking toilets are a major problem and they need to call a plumbing service to get rid of the situation right away and quite rightly so. But at the same time, it is also true that there can be various reasons for a toilet leaking from its base and once you can determine the reason behind the leak there are some straight forward methods for fixing the problem those you can even do by yourself.

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In this article we will be telling you how to easily fix a leaking toilet but first you need to make sure that the toilet is actually leaking and the following sins will tell you that –

  • There is a steady drip
  • You see water puddles on the bathroom floor
  • Toilet is running frequently or constantly
  • Groaning sound coming out of the pipes

Steps of fixing a leaking toilet

Follow the below mentioned steps to fix a leaking toilet at home. Though you can always consider hiring professional Plumbers Burwood if you are not comfortable with the job and don’t have the knowhow of best doing it and that can actually save you both time and money.

  • Determine the cause of the leak: You need to first determine the cause of the leak if you want to fix it. The leakage can be actually a tank or bowl condensation that is really no problem at all or it can be caused due to closets bolts getting loose, faulty water hoses, failing the wax link, issues with the flush and fill valves etc.
  • Water supply hoses: Damaged water supply hoses are a common reason behind leaking toilets and results in steady drip on the floor from the supply line. If that is the situation replacing the old hoses with new ones can solve the problem easily.
  • Tighten the closet bolts: these bolts make sure that the toilet stays tightly attached to the ground and if the bolts get loose your toilet may start leaking water from the bottom. Under the bolts there is the wax ring that forms a water tight seal and prevents the toilet from leaking every time it is flushed. If you find those bolts loose tightening them can easily fix the problem.
  • Replace the wax ring: With time the wax ring that used as a water tight seal for preventing leakage gets damaged and when you check the closet bolts you should check out the condition of the wax ring too and if found damaged you can fix the leaking by simply replacing the ring with a new one.
  • The fill and flush valves: If there is flush with any of these valves water may leak from your toilet and the problem can be easily solved by repairing or replacing the valves with a professional plumber.

It is true that one can fix a leaking toilet by himself but hiring a professional plumbing and Tap repair Beverley Park can be a better solution for they can handle the situation quickly their professional expertise.

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