How Styling Your Home Can Add Value to the Sale Price

Styling your home for sale is an effective way to increase the sale price of your property. This involves arranging furniture and decorating to appeal to the buyer’s emotions. This can result in more showings and a quicker sale. In addition, it can help to get more offers for your property.

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Before you start styling

In a place like Sydney where thousands of homes are being sold at auction each week. Sydney agents say, it’s essential to generate anticipated hype and excitement in the marketing campaign for a successful sale this includes hiring professional removalists Sydney companies to clear out your home, to get it ready for styling. A home stylist can sprinkle their design flare on your property, creating a feeling of what a buyer can visually see if they were to buy the home for themselves. Not everyone has it in their budget to allow for a stylist but those that do can increase their chances of a higher price outcome.

Styling your home for sale

There are many ways to add value to your home when you are selling. However, there are some fundamental rules that must be followed before you begin styling your home for sale. For instance, you should try to stick to a neutral color scheme. This will help you create an instant feeling of cohesion in your home. Another tip is to keep the furniture to a minimum. If you own several pieces of furniture, try to keep them as neutral as possible.


Professional property stylists can help you add style to your home, which can boost the overall price of your property. This type of service is not cheap, however. The stylist will charge you for their services, as well as for the hire of furniture and accessories. Therefore, you need to factor these costs into your budget.

Properly styling your home will not only help it sell faster but will also increase its value. In fact, a recent study revealed that styling your home can add 7 to 13 percent to the sale price. A well-styled property will also draw the attention of buyers from afar.

Cost of hiring a property stylist

Whether your property is for sale for the first time or has been vacant for years, hiring a property stylist can be an excellent way to make it look appealing to potential buyers. These professionals have the knowledge and experience to create an environment that appeals to your target buyer’s aesthetic. Their work adds warmth and character to your property, making it more appealing to prospective buyers.

Hiring a property stylist is not cheap but well worth it. You’ll need to pay for their services and for hiring their furniture, usually they will get their furniture removalists to deliver the furniture, the stylists can then set up and at the end of the campaign remove all the furniture again providing a seamless service. A stylist package can start at a 5 week hire and then be extended. It is best to book the consultation at least three to four weeks in advance. This will give you ample time to hire furniture, make repairs, and spruce up your garden.

Getting a property stylist to style your property can help you fetch a higher price and draw in the interest with professional photos at open home inspections by using visual marketing techniques, a home stylist helps the seller appeal to a broader market, increasing the chances of a faster sale and higher profit.

Cost of digital furniture styling

Digital furniture styling is a way to create an appealing virtual staging of your home. Professional photographers will digitally remove distracting items from photos of a busy room. This process will then stage the room with digital furniture. This service costs approximately $45 per image and may help make your online advert more appealing.

Increasing the appeal of your home

Curb appeal is an important element in the sale of a home, as it is often the first thing a potential buyer sees when viewing a property. Curb appeal can be improved by maintaining a lush lawn, trimming overgrown shrubbery, and placing potted plants around the front door. Painting the front door a bold color or replacing the lockset can add visual interest and boost curb appeal.

Painting the interior of a home can also add value. Repainting the walls and interior doors in neutral colors can increase a home’s appeal. You can also hire a professional painter to improve the appearance of the house. Taking these simple steps can improve the look of your home and add thousands to its sale price.

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