How to add extra security to your home

As winter approaches and the nights draw in, it’s only natural to have your household security concerns reawakened.

Dark evenings might leave some of us feeling more vulnerable to theft and break-ins, but you could find peace of mind through additional security measures for your home. With burglars showing no mercy for homeowners, now’s the time to upgrade your security to prevent any chance of an unwelcome intruder.

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Start outside

It’s wise to start with the areas that potential thieves would naturally target first: the external features of your house.

If you have sheds or containers outside your home, you should use door latches to keep these obviously closed and padlocked for safety. It could also be worth blocking any windows or glass panels to hide valuables.

Remember your windows: leaving the bathroom window open only presents a goldmine to an opportunist thief. Be vigilant and make sure to always lock your windows if you’re living in a busy urban area, especially at night.

Replace and upgrade

If any external doors on your property are starting to look withered, they might be due a replacement. Modern, hardwood doors are likely to be more resistant to a forceful break-in than a creaky PVC patio door on its last legs – or rusty hinges.

If your door is structurally sound, why not upgrade to more-heavy duty locks that can’t be drilled or picked? A combination door bolt would make it impossible for someone to reach over the back gate and simply slide an otherwise unprotected bolt open.

Keep an eye out

We can’t always be around to deter thieves with physical presence in the house.

With former burglars admitting that barking dogs and CCTV are among the best burglary deterrents, a high-quality CCTV system could be a worthwhile investment to protect your livelihood.

Not only could you replay the footage in case of a break-in, but CCTV is also a reliable deterrent: merely spotting cameras on the outside of your property could be enough to prevent an attempt at theft.

Ensure that the outside of your property is illuminated: you could invest in motion-activated security lights or permanently keep your driveway and garden lit at night.

Sound the alarm

Make sure you have good burglar alarms fitted around the outside and the inside of your house and test them regularly to ensure your safety.

You’ll be able to personalise the settings on your alarm to ensure that your house is protected if you’re going out or hitting the hay.

Whether you’re upgrading your locks or changing your doors, any measures you take to improve your household security this winter will be a sensible and worthwhile investment for you and your family.

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