5 Quick Steps on How to Choose Living Room Rug

The very next thing that you might want to consider after choosing the pieces of furniture for your living room is the rug. It’s another main focal point of the room that provides both functional and decorative purposes.

how to choose living room rug

An area rug is always the better option for a modern home rather than those wall-to-wall rugs. It’s enough to cover an area that really needs to be covered in your living room while the broadloom may create such a stuffy nuance, especially for a minimalist home.

As the main focal point of the room, a rug can either make or break the nuance inside. In fact, an area rug is such a centerpiece of the decor that draws the most attention. The good one should be able to bring all the elements together in an admirable way.

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That being said, choosing the right rug for your living room is such a challenging job. You may end up ruining the whole vibe around and no one would want to spend a long time inside.

To ease the job, here we have ab easy tutorial on how to choose living room rug.

How to Choose Living Room Rug 

how to choose living room rug 1

An area rug works to define the main zone of your living room and warm up your feet. Without it, the room might feel kinda cold and empty.

Think the size first

There are three standard sizes of area rugs for a living room which are 6’ x 9’, 8’ x 10’, and 9’ x 10’. The rule of thumb is that you need to leave around 4” to 8” of the floor open around the rug. As an alternative, you can also choose the customized rug if you can’t find the one that suits the size of your living room.

Pick the right look

The rug can work either to add color and pattern or neutralize the nuance of the decor. An easy idea to keep in mind is that you can choose the striking rug to pop up another attractive touch in minimalist decor and the neutral-colored one for an eclectic living room.

However, if you still want a catchy rug to beautify your decorative living room, keep in mind to pick the one which can harmonize all the elements of the decor.

Consider how it feels

The feel of the rug is mainly determined by the materials that build it up. If you’d like a rug that feels so warm, you can go with wool while a silk rug tends to feel cooler and softer. In addition, also consider the maintenance of each material.

Browse some trend

The trend of area rugs keeps changing from time to time, while you need to mainly consider the design and the material of the rug that really suits you, having the one that follows the trend is not a bad idea as well. 


When it comes to durability, it depends on how high the traffic is around the room. Area rugs with synthetic materials are still considered more durable than natural ones.

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