How to Choose the Best Windows To Improve Your House Look in Canada?

Window replacement, full or retrofit, will definitely make your house look better, increase energy efficiency and boost your property’s market value. But to what degree? And how do you know which windows will work best for your house, complementing the exterior and bringing a feeling of comfort and peace of mind?

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To answer these questions, we have reached out to Ecoline, Canadian window and door replacement experts, so they elaborate on what aspects to pay close attention to when picking the new windows for your house. Interested? Keep reading!

Window Style is Your First Stop

Indeed, knowing which window style to go when considering your replacement project is vital. There are many different options on the market today, and each type of window has its own pros and cons and works better for different architectural home styles.

  • Casement windows are the best if you want to get maximum energy efficiency while having operable windows. These units are perfect for both modern and traditional house design, homeowners usually prefer long, narrow-shaped casement windows as a versatile choice for Tudor homes.
  • Single or double-hung windows are the most traditional units you will find today. Most Colonial-style houses have these windows that are easy to maintain, offer decent energy efficiency and come in many shapes and designs.
  • If you strive for the highest level of energy efficiency for your house, bay, bow or picture windows would be a perfect pick. Usually, you will find these windows a great combination for Victorian houses, especially for living rooms or second stories. Just remember that these units are non-operable but may be a great match with other window styles if your rough opening allows for combination windows to be installed.

Frame Material is The Key to Great Thermal Performance

When you are done with picking the window style that is perfect for your house and personality, determining the right frame material is vital. The most popular options are Vinyl, Fiberglass, Aluminum, Wood and Composite. But most homeowners prefer to go with Vinyl since this material is a middle ground that offers the next perks:

  • High durability
  • Impeccable energy efficiency capabilities;
  • Little maintenance;
  • Versatility to match any home style;
  • Affordability;

Of course, no one makes you choose Vinyl, and other frame materials are also decent options, having their pros and cons. Just make sure to do your homework and analyze your budget, the overall thermal performance of your house, design, and other key things to make the final pick.

Double or Triple Glazing?

Every homeowner wants to get the highest ROI possible after installing new windows. And that’s understandable since new windows require a decent initial investment that will start to pay off only in several years. But if you think that having more layers of glazing will pay off you faster, that might be wrong. Of course, triple-pane windows are up to 50% more energy efficient compared to other options, but they are also up to 20% more expensive. 

With this in mind, make sure you analyze your budget, utility bills, and the current energy efficiency performance of your house. Maybe you will find out that double-glazed windows are just what you need, and there is no need to go for an extra layer of glazing. For more help determining the cost for an extra layer of glass or just if you want to analyze the prices for different window styles, you can use the window replacement calculator and make up your mind.

Correct Window Installation is Vital

If you’ve decided on all the aspects and found your best windows, the next step is purchase and installation. And here you should be extra careful. Most homeowners think that installation is a piece of cake, and they could DIY it. But most of the time, this leads to a disaster. Make sure you deal with a reliable company to do the job for you since even the best windows will be inefficient if installed poorly. Go and explore your options:

  • Go through companies’ online reviews;
  • Request different quotes to learn the market prices for your project;
  • Ask for references from friends and neighbours;
  • Deal only with companies that follow the CSA guidelines and your local building codes;

The Final Thoughts

Window replacement is a great home improvement and you will definitely see the difference in energy efficiency, your house look and its market value after the replacement project is completed. But do not forget to explore all the opportunities, do market research, decide on what windows work best for your house and find a reliable window company to consult you and make the installation. Good luck!

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