How to Create a Minimalist Home All by Yourself in No Time

You might think that decorating your home with a minimalist style is easy since the key is simplicity anywhere. There won’t be a lot of work to do at the first glance when actually, there is.

Creating a minimalist decorating style needs careful considerations as well or you may end up failing the goals. Below, we share with you a complete guide on how to create a minimalist home that you can get done all by yourself without asking for any help from a pro.

How to Create a Minimalist Home

How to Create a Minimalist Home
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Refer to your lifestyle

Before you start decorating, the first thing that you have to keep in mind is why you want to adapt the minimalist style to your home sweet home. Remember that you may need to throw some of your stuff to achieve the simplicity of a minimalist style.

To answer the question, refer to your very own lifestyle which will tell you what to keep and give away.

Declutter everything

The key to a minimalist decorating style is less is more. That being said, start with decluttering your items first before even purchasing any pieces of furniture or decor items to style up your home.

Take a step back and watch what’s all around you. If the items no longer serve any purpose in terms of emotionally, aesthetically, and functionally, then get rid of them right away. You don’t always have to throw the items into the waste bin, consider donating them to the ones that may love your stuff more.

If you find it conflicting to choose which items to keep and get rid of, try to categorize your items first. Categorize each item by type like creating a pile of books, clothing, and so on. Then, separate the items based on the sensitivity, if you find some items are more sensitive than others then take some time to decide whether they are better to keep or throw away.

Recycling and repurposing

Once you have decluttered, check some items that may be able to repurpose and recycle. Before adding more things to your house, consider recycling what’s already there so you don’t have to increase the number of items that may prevent you from having a minimalist vibe.

For instance, you can recycle shoeboxes to store your clothes neatly. Just simply add some dividers to the box so you can organize your clothes conveniently.

Use personal approach

Decorating your minimalist home with personal touch doesn’t only make it look stylish but also feel captivating at the same time. This is a very good way to style up the house since you can’t really add a lot of decor items to a minimalist home

Decorate the house with items that have personal meanings to you like your childhood photographs or favorite paintings.

Buy with purpose

To avoid buying things that you don’t really need (which may clutter your minimalist decor), always buy things intentionally. This behavior will prevent you from buying unnecessary pieces. Instead of buying stuff just because you like it, ask yourself whether they will benefit you and your home or not.

Put timeless pieces first

Investing in fewer yet better items is a must when it comes to a minimalist decorating style. It means that you need to put the ones with timeless design and durable quality on your shopping list. Stick with the pieces which are designed in clean-line styles and feel well-constructed when you feel them. This is to also support the minimalist lifestyle that must come alongside the nuance that you bring to your house.

Be consistent with particular materials

You don’t really have to go with a totally uniform look to create a minimalist home but you can’t also bring too many things around. Choosing a uniform nuance may create a boring vibe while adding a lot of stuff may lead you to make the room look eclectic instead of minimalist.

The rule of thumb is not to use more than 3 different materials for your minimalist decor. This is enough to make a minimalist home look attractive without creating an intimidating feel around. Again, refer to the practicality and functionality of each material to avoid damaging the decor.

Hide some items

Showing off is not really a good thought when you prefer to apply a minimalist decor. You can’t really put everything on display that will prevent you from creating a simple overall look.

That being said, you need to purchase some concealed storage stations to keep some of your items hidden safely. If you have an extra budget, consider installing built-in storage which is enough to handle your items all at once without taking up any space on the floor.

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Decorate with natural items

Instead of choosing manufactured decor items with striking colors, consider adding some indoor plants, woody items, and concrete stuff that work really well to give splashes of colors, patterns, and textures in a very simple way. They are everyone’s favorite when it comes to enhancing the beauty and comfort of a minimalist home.

Choose double-duty furniture

Today, you can find tons of furniture which can serve more than one function and are indeed designed for minimalist homes. For instance, there are beds and benches which come with hidden storage underneath, so you can have a clutter-free home even when the space around the house is not that spacious.

Be mindful of the lighting

You can’t have a cozy minimalist home when you don’t properly light up each room inside. Proper lighting is the key to creating an airy feeling which is essential for minimalist decor. Lucky for you, there are tons of chic light fixtures that you can find in the market. Always choose the one which flows beautifully with your minimalist decor like the ones which come with a sleek and clean-lined design.

Let the natural light in

We’re still talking about lighting here, but the natural one which can be achieved if you have some windows around. Those windows are great additions to achieve an airy vibe around your house and save your electricity bills at the same time.

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