How to Organize Linens For You Who Don’t Have Closets

Organizing your linens neatly and tidily can be quite challenging when you don’t have any linens closet around. You have to think more so you can keep them safe without cluttering your house.

No worries, there are actually a lot of alternatives that you can keep in mind on how to organize linens around your house without any existence of a closet.

Check out some tips and tricks below and try them right away!

How to Organize Linens

How to Organize Linens
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Baskets are easy storage

Basket is the easiest option to store your linens when you don’t have any closets. There’s nothing wrong to have many baskets around your house since they work really well both as convenient storage stations and decor items.

You can put some baskets in your living room to store your throw blankets, in your bedroom to keep your sheets, and in the bathroom to place your folded towels.

Place some chic hampers

Besides their main function to keep your dirty laundry, you can also use hampers to keep your clean towels. Make sure you choose the ones which look fashionable so the coming family members or guests won’t use the hampers to store things that haven’t been washed. For instance, you can go with wicker hampers to decorate your boho bathroom.

Shelving is never wrong

Shelves is indeed a very convenient storage station that will always keep your stuff neatly. You can consider using bookshelves to store your folded towels to decorate your bathroom, bedroom, or even hallway. One thing to keep in mind is that you always have to nearly organize your bookshelves as they are type of open storage station.

Choose a tall cabinet

A tall cabinet can be a nice alternative to the closet to store your linens. It allows you to neatly organize folded sheets, towels, and more. Add some shelf dividers so you can have the one which looks aesthetic with convenient access.

Medicine cabinets with roomy shelves are also a good option to store your linens. Consider going to yard sales or flea markets to find the one that doesn’t cost you a lot.

Check the back of the door

The space behind the door is spacious enough to become additional spots to store your linens. You can simply attach an adjustable rack that will hold your towels, washcloths, and other bathroom essentials. In the bedroom, the back of your closet door can also work to keep your folded sheets and pillowcases with a rack as an addition. This provides very easy access since you can grab your daily linens right away.

Attach some wall hooks

Of course, hooks on the wall are the easiest and cheapest way to keep your towels. You can store your clean towels or the ones that you just used after each shower to dry them up. There are tons of wall hooks that are made of various materials and designed in various styles that you can choose to match the decorating style of your bathroom.

Chic floating shelves

For a simple minimalist home with limited space, the existence of floating shelves is kind of a must-have option. Some sleek wood boards attached to the wall are totally enough to keep your towels and clothes, You might need to fold your items before storing them (which can take some time and elbow grease), but the result is totally gorgeous.

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Manage the drawers

If you have some extra drawer space, manage it so you can keep those linens neatly. The space is good to protect your washcloths and dishtowels. Add some dividers that work really well to manage any drawers so you can have more spacious space.  If you are handy enough, you can simply use some sturdy cardboard to divide the space inside.

Be creative with other features

When you are not willing enough to add storage stations here and there, you can utilize other parts around your home. Below are some recommended options:

  • Under the sink – The space under the sink is kind of underrated when it’s actually a good option to store some linens. You can simply place some clear bins or mesh baskets that can be the ultimate storage solutions. It’s a good way to simply stack some folded linens neatly without taking extra space.
  • Under the bed – Place some under-bed bins or storage bags to keep your linens under your bed. They can protect your favorite linens from dust even when you store them in a very unexpected place.
  • Trash bin – Use your trash bin to store the towels that you have rolled before. It’s a very recommended space-saving technique to neatly organize your linens.

Buy multipurpose furniture

Today, you can find a lot of pieces of furniture that are designed with extra features. They are indeed made for you to solve the challenges when you are dealing with limited space.

The most popular option is a bench with a hidden storage station inside the seating. You can have an extra sitting area and hidden storage station to keep your linens at the same time. A bench is good to complete your hallway, bedroom, and living room.

Apply the labeling system

Labeling system eases you to access your linens without any needs to dig deep. Write the labels based on the categories of the linens so everyone inside the house will know the place where you place each items in your storage stations. Stick the labels into each drawer, storage bin, or any types of organizers that you prefer.

Consider unique placement

There’s no actual rule that dictates you to only place your dresser in your bedroom. You can place it in the hallway, for instance, so you can use it as an entryway table and linen storage. Another alternative is to place a dresser in your living room that will work as a TV console and convenient storage station.

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