How to Deal with Huge Clutter in Your House Effectively

When it comes to decluttering a huge clutter, the job can be really intimidating. This is a very challenging job that may confuse you about where to start.

Rest assured, we have compiled some steps that you can follow on our quick guide on how to deal with huge clutter which is really easy to try.

How to Deal with Huge Clutter

How to Deal with Huge Clutter
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Prepare these supplies:

  • Trash bags
  • Donation bins
  • Sticky notes
  • Measuring tape
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Vacuum
  • Broom

Follow the steps below:

Set specific goals

Before you start doing the job, you have to decide what you actually want to achieve once everything is decluttered. Specify the goal like whether you just simply clean up your home, reduce the unused stuff, donate your items, or have more spacious space.

Having some specific goals will help you to have clearer visions of what you need to do and keep you motivated to deal with challenges during the decluttering process. You will know whether you need to give away each unused item or invest in more storage stations instead.

Make a plan

Wait, don’t start decluttering yet. You can’t really have an effective decluttering process without making any plans. Ask several questions to yourself that will save a lot of your time like:

  • What time will you declutter?
  • How many days you will need to declutter everything?
  • Where will you donate those items if you need to do so?

The plans should have you determine the supplies that you need to prepare, the schedule that you need to set, and how you will give away the items that you no longer use. If you don’t have any plans, you may easily give up when some minor inconvenience occurs when you are decluttering your home.

Start decluttering strategically

Now you have your goals and plans in your hands, so you can start decluttering your mountain of clutter. Keep in mind to start the jobs strategically, don’t just take in and out carelessly.

The rule of thumb is to start from the hardest task that you notice initially. Declutter the space which has the biggest impact and needs the most elbow grease to get done. This will help you to envision the success that you will get when you have finished everything.

However, if the clutter that you are dealing with is just ‘too much’ you might go vice versa by starting with the smaller tasks. A huge clutter can be really overwhelming and starting with the biggest part can take a really long time.

Take out everything

The actual first step of your decluttering process is to move your items from their initial space to the open space. This perhaps creates a bigger mess, but it helps really well to see everything that you need to deal with.

The best way to do the step is to spread everything on the floor. If you don’t have one, use the biggest table that you have in your house.

Avoid using yourself to deal with the entire room all at once, but go with space that you have planned to declutter first like the cabinet, closet, or dressers. Repeat the step until you can handle the first area.

Categorize your items

Yes, categorizing is always the key to getting your space decluttered properly. There are two main categories that you can consider which are:

  • Type of the item – The initial category is to sort the items by their type. Put the garments in one pile, linens in another, tools in another, and so on.
  • Goals of the item – Once you have grouped them by type, make other categories by how you would do to them. Decide which ones you’d like to keep, recycle, sell, give, donate, and throw away.

The second goal may take a lot of dilemmas. Everyone knows that it’s not easy to decide on the items that you will no longer keep. To ease the job, ask yourself some questions below:

  • Do you still want to use those ripped, stained, or broken items? If not, throw them away now.
  • Will the items affect my life if they are no longer in your possession? If not, throw them away now.
  • Found some gently used and clean items which are no longer your favorites? Put them in the donation bin.
  • Could other people love the items more than I do? Put them in the donation bin.

The items that have been sitting around your house forever probably get loved by someone else more. Trust yourself that you actually don’t need them.

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Clean here and there

Once you have categorized your items properly with each next direction, you may find that the space that you are organizing may be quite dirty. Start by wiping the surfaces with clean cloths then continue with dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming everything until you have a nice and clean space before putting the items back in.

Give them home

When you are sure that you have your storage stations nice and clean, it’s time to put the items back in. Put the items in the categorical order that you have done earlier.

The easiest way to start is to always store your go-to items in easy-to-place stations. It can ease you to grab your daily needs without digging deeper and deeper. Then, you can place the ones that you rarely use in the back.

Put each one of the items in its new home in an aesthetic and convenient way possible.

Consider additional storage stations

You may now think that you need to buy some baskets, jars, and organizers to make everything neat and tidy. Follow the guts if you feel so but always refer to the space available in your cabinets, closets, or dressers so they will fit perfectly inside.

Use the measuring tape to create a clean layout inside the space and avoid creating a stuffy vibe around.

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