10 Tricks to Try: How to Optimize Small Bedroom Space

As your personal and private space, a bedroom has definitely to be comfortable because it will determine your comfort and it can also be a place to express your interest. Therefore, it will be great to have a spacious bedroom to store all of our belongings. However, some people prefer to have a simple minimalist bedroom instead of a fancy one because it’s efficient, easier, and simpler to declutter.

How to Optimize Small Bedroom

Yes, decorating a small bedroom can be very tricky and challenging because you have to pour all your creativity and tricks to make it comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and of course, keep its main function. You have to determine the color combination, furniture arrangement, decor items options, and even the storage properly. Yes, storage organization is very important and helpful for a small bedroom because that is what keeps your belonging neatly organized.

How to Optimize Small Bedroom Space

We have prepared a few ideas about how to organize your stuff to make your bedroom looks wider and cozier. Check them out down below!

Regular Decluttering

Sorting out your belongings is definitely the first step that you have to do to make a neat organization. If you have items that you rarely use, it can be a big sign to throw them away. Whether it’s furniture, clothes, or other necessities, if you keep them inside the bedroom unused, no matter how many organizers you have, it will never be enough.

Once you’re done with it, you’re ready to put them in the storage organization and you will definitely love to see them in an organized way.

Functional Bed Frame

Nowadays, it’s easy to find a bed frame with additional storage that lets you keep your belonging there. There are various types of bed frame that has additional storage from an exposed style to covered ones. A functional bed frame usually has a part at the bottom that works as a base that you can use as a bookshelf. Under the footboard, you might want to use woven baskets for extra protection from dust or scratch.

Less Bulky Furniture

Yes, the simpler the better is a perfect saying that represents this trick. It’s indeed great to have a dreamy and cute makeup vanity that gives you a princess vibe. However, it’s not easy for those with a small bedroom. Instead, try using a full-length or full-body standing mirror that can save more space. For the makeup and skincare products, use floating shelves next to the mirror just like a regular makeup vanity.

Surround the Entrance

Do you still need more space to put your favorite items on? Try to maximize the space around the door. This can be a great trick to make your whole room looks wider because some stuff is placed above. The storage on each side and floating shelves with woven baskets on the top are perfect for items that you use often just in case you forget them like a car key, etc.

Let It Float

Again, another way to opt-out of bulky makeup vanity is by installing a floating makeup corner. In this way, you can free up more space and use it for something else. To complete the simplicity of this floating vanity, you might want to use a folding chair or simple stool. To add more storage, try choosing floating shelves that match perfectly with the minimalist concept.

Stylish Floating Vanity

Another floating vanity with built-in shelves that will make your beauty products neatly organized. Although it may look quite big, it’s not as big as the standard vanity. Choosing the one with a bigger space will be great since it can fit more items so you can use it as it is or add additional drawers to categorize each product. Since the floating vanity doesn’t have a leg, it definitely saves more space and makes the room looks more spacious.

Useful Bed Features

Other than a bed frame, you can also choose a built-in feature that also works as additional storage. For people who are not comfortable with showing their belongings, this one is a perfect option because it’s fully covered. While the other empty space can be a useful spot whether to add wall decor or another storage feature for extra decor.

Minimalist Makeup Shelves

A minimalist makeup shelf is very easy to find and quite affordable to support your makeup products. Try placing it under a vanity mirror for easy access and installing it based on the number of products or categories. You will get everything neatly placed and of course, easier to find since they are all visible.

Chic Neat Decor

Another idea of a bed frame with additional storage on the bottom is very useful. This kind of bed frame can be in a platform or standard form. If you want to hide the storage, try using bedding with long drapers that will cover this part. Also, a floating bookshelf is a common way to keep your collection organized. Choosing something minimalist is definitely the best choice to create a sleek finish.

Hidden Storage Treasure

If you feel shy to expose your belongings, you may be interested in this tip by making a separate or hidden space behind the curtains. Instead of using bulky furniture and making the room feels narrower, try built-in or even floating shelves. Using personalized or customized shelves based on the sizes of your stuff can also prevent you from filling up the whole spot.


It is never a bad idea to choose a small bedroom instead of the big one since it can effectively save more space in your house. Make sure you apply these small bedroom storage ideas and guide to transform a small bedroom into the best room ever.

The most important thing is you have to sort out unused items and throw them away somewhere else. Keeping unused items inside your room will only make it looks stuffy because you have to keep adding storage here and there.

Now you are all set to decorate and optimize your own bedroom!

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