How to Store Make Up Conveniently and Aesthetically

Your makeups may come in various shapes and sizes which makes it quite challenging to store them aesthetically and conveniently. You can’t really control them and end up creating a mess all around your countertop.

Here, we share with you a quick guide on how to store make up that you can follow easily.

How to Store Make Up

how to organize make up
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Use decorative trays

A decorative tray is a must-have item that works really well both to enhance the beauty of your vanity and add storage stations at the same time. Since a decorative tray is a kind of open storage, of course, you can grab your daily items easily without opening any lids or digging deep.

Use tiered trays

If a single decorative tray is not enough to handle all of your make-up, you can choose the one with tiered construction as an alternative. A tiered tray will show your items beautifully even if you have a lot of them. Just like a casual decorative tray, this type of storage is also good to complete your countertop.

Use glass jars

To store your make-up brushes, eyeliners, and lipsticks, you can simply use some glass jars. If you don’t have ones, you can also use the jars which were used as the nest of your aromatic candle. It’s a very good way to recycle things around your house instead of just throwing them right away.

Use portable trays

If you already use your drawers to store your makeup, consider adding some portable trays to create a neater organization. Place each tray to store a particular category of makeup to provide easy access whenever you need to grab some.

Use drawer liners

Another alternative to manage your drawers to avoid clutter is to use non-slip drawer liners. It’s very easy to use but enough to keep a few of your makeup in their places even when you frequently open and close the drawers.

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Use Lazy Susan

Do you want to go more distinctive? Use a Lazy Susan to organize your makeup in a unique way. A Lazy Susan offers very convenient access to grab your makeup since you can just rotate the storage easily.

Use stackable storage boxes

When you have limited space but need to deal with tons of makeup, give the job to the stackable boxes. They are one of the most popular storage options these days and are sold in a lot of offline and online markets. You can adjust the number of boxes that you need by referring to the numbers of your makeup. The stackable features of the box allow you to save the limited space that you have around.

Use standing organizers

Storing thin and wide items in the drawers or on the countertop will just take a lot of space around. This issue can be solved once you use a standing organizer. Store those items like you store books or magazines.

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