How to Create an Aesthetic Pantry with Convenient Access

There’s nothing wrong to flex your beloved pantry on your social media, but first, you have to make them look as aesthetic as possible. You can’t upload pictures of your messy pantry for everyone around the world to see.

Below, we share with you a complete guide on how to create an aesthetic pantry that you can try right away.

How to Create an Aesthetic Pantry

How to Create an Aesthetic Pantry
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Measure the space around

You may be tempted to apply those aesthetic pantries that you find on Instagram or Pinterest. However, not all of them fit with your very own pantries.

To start with, you need to measure the depth and height of each compartment of your pantry so you can determine what kinds of bins you need to use. It will give a proper idea of the actual space that you are working with.

Once you have the right measurement, you can comfortably place the jars and bins to display your favorite foods.

Throw away the unused items

The key to having a cozy pantry organization is to throw out unused stuff. Some of you may find it challenging to choose which one you have to throw away, but you can start with the expired foods first.

The next consideration is to donate or give away the items that you will no longer use or have some excessively. It’s not a bad idea to keep everything in stock so you will be well-prepared, but it will keep reducing the space available in your pantry. If you have a tiny pantry, avoid stocking things all the time.

Categorize your items

Now you have increased the space of your pantry, so you can start categorizing the items that you already have in your hands. Follow the steps below so you can get the job done orderly:

  • Throw away bulky packaging – One common mistake that a lot of homeowners do is to directly place those foods with bulky packaging in their pantry. Of course, this habit will take up a lot of space around the pantry and block access. Move the pasta and cereal from their boxes to the clear and cleek jars to get more aesthetic appeal and convenient access.
  • Put the items in categorical order – Once those foods have been moved to those cute jars, it’s time to place them in their own spots. The rule of thumb is to always place the most-used items at your eye level, so you can grab them easily every time.
  • Use labeling system – Once everything is nicely ordered, stick some labels on each one of them. The labeling system can help all the family members to put the items back where they belong.
  • Put the jars in level order – To make it visually appealing, always put the shorter items in front of the taller ones. Also, set the heavier jars or baskets in the upper part of the pantry and the lighter ones below.
  • Consider everyone’s height – This is to make everyone conveniently reach the items in your pantry. Consider placing those jars in a space where everyone (including your children) can access them easily.

Utilize every corner

Another mistake that you may do once you have moved the foods, spices, and herbs to the jars is stuffing your pantry in one spot. Of course, this will prevent you from having an aesthetic pantry. Check the corner of the pantry and use it as the storage station by placing a lazy Susan which works really well to handle some condiments.

If you have tall shelving, consider adding dividers to create a more spacious room and avoid clutters. The divider can provide better storage management rather than stacking things around.

Consider adding drawers

Organizing your pantry can be more challenging if you need a bunch of home supplies that come in all shapes and sizes. One solution that you can keep in mind is to provide all storage solutions, so besides the shelves, you can consider adding some drawers.

If you are willing enough, investing in cabinets with built-in drawers is even more convenient. You have to make sure what size of cabinets fits your space well. However, it can be quite a huge investment to update your space.

Another additional storage station that is worth considering is the bookcase, especially the one that comes with a glass door. You can complete the empty corner of your kitchen with a gorgeous bookcase.

Separate those appliances

Don’t mix your appliances with your foods and dishes if you’d like to get an aesthetically pleasing pantry. Make space for them so they can sit in a designated area around the pantry. It doesn’t only provide a neat look but also easy access for everyone.

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Pay attention to empty spaces

The pantry itself actually has empty spaces that you can actually benefit from. It’s a very good way to extend the storage stations around.

The sides of the pantry

Attach some small wood trays on the sides of the cabinet to display some jars and canisters. You can grab those items quickly and add a more attractive touch at the same time.

The door of the pantry

Take the inspiration from your fridge to utilize the space behind the door of your pantry. Simply add some shallow mesh baskets to the back of the door to store the herbs and spices.

Brighten up the space

The ‘external’ factor that makes your pantry look less attractive (or none at all) is the lighting. We all know that most pantries don’t have proper lighting which makes them look so gloomy and cavelike.

That being said, installing some lighting will give a more aesthetical touch to your pantry. You don’t have to hire any pros to get the job done. Just simply install LED light strips that you can find in the nearby IKEA or local hardware store. They are enough to brighten up your pantry without taking a lot of money and energy.

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