5 Useful Hacks on How to Organize Your Clothes Like a Pro

Let’s face it, organizing your clothes can be really challenging, especially if you don’t really have ample space around. Making everything look neat and providing easy access are the main keys to a well-organized closet.

Check out some tips on how to organize your clothes that you really need to try right away below!

How to Organize Your Clothes

How to Organize Your Clothes
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Categorize everything

One thing that messes up your drawer is that you just simply toss your clothes. Avoid doing this again and start categorizing your clothes from now on. Invest in some drawer dividers and apply the funnel approach to organize your dresser. You can easily access your favorite garments and make the dresser look so neat.

This method is also great for the clothes that you hang in your closet. Try hanging the long sleeves, short sleeves, sleeveless, jackets, and sweaters in a categorical way. To make it more specific, you can also further categorize them by color.

Add permanent shelving

For those who have a small closet or don’t really have a spacious room to add a dresser, adding some shelves can be a good solution. You can neatly organize some items that can’t be hung. If you are handy enough, you can even build the shelves all by yourself or hire some pro to get a nice shelving system in your closet.

Utilize the back of the door

You can even turn the back of the door when you lack space around the main area of the closet and the room. It’s a good space to hang some scarves, clutches, or even shoes if you are willing enough to add some mesh baskets.

Choose streamlined hangers

As you may have been aware, streamlined hangers are a very good way to extend the space of your closet. Therefore, it’s time to replace those free hangers right away. Choose velvet hangers since they are really great to save space around the closet and keep your clothes in place neatly.

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Consider swapping your clothes

Swapping can be a good consideration if you have a tight space inside your closet so you can keep everything in a nice order. One thing that you have to make sure of is to make it seasonal so you can find what you need easily.

Go vertical

To extend the space of your closet, you can benefit from the vertical and the horizontal space which are left around. It’s a very good way to provide more storage stations that you can do all by yourself.

Add removable vertical storage like some buildable drawer units that you can find in the hardware store. You can store tons of items conveniently.

Another vertical storage that you can keep in mind is the vertical shoe shelf. This type of shelf provides easy access to your favorite pairs without taking up a lot of floor space. There will be no cluttered shoes on the floor anymore.

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