How to Organize Small Pantry Easily and Effectively

For most of you, having a dream kitchen means adding a spacious walk-in pantry to store all of your favorite items. However, of course, we can’t always have what we want and eventually got a tiny kitchen with very limited space.

How to Organize Small Pantry
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But no worries, you can have cozy pantries and shelving systems even when you have a small kitchen. There are some tips and tricks that you can keep in mind on how to organize small pantry like the ones below.

How to Organize Small Pantry

How to Organize Small Pantry 1
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Use vertical space

When it comes to a small pantry, the challenge that you face is mainly about the width. That being said, you can maximize the height of the room to provide convenient storage around.

Floor-to-ceiling shelves and cabinets are definitely a nice option to become the main storage station of a tiny pantry. Don’t be afraid to use a ladder so you can easily access your items.

Put a sliding shelf on top of the list

A sliding shelf provides easier access than the common one. You don’t have to be bothered to think about the door space around the room. The sliding shelf also allows you to access your items in a very convenient way.

Fit your stuff

You may get confused when you buy beverages with tall packaging and you don’t really have a high shelf to occupy them. Why don’t you think to place some of them in laying down position on the shorter shelves?

In other words, you’re always able to suit your items with the shape of your cabinets (if it’s safe to do so), so you don’t have to get stressed.

Maximize the door

For those who have a large pantry door, use that space now. It’s a very good area for additional storage of your pantry that won’t take up the space of the main area. You can have a neatly organized pantry once you have a back-door shelving system.

Get rid of store-brought packaging

When your favorite snacks and cereals are packed in bulky packaging, never put them as they are in your pantry. Of course, they will take up a lot of space in your tiny pantry and makes it look so stuffy. Move them into stackable containers that will save space around very well.

Categorize your items

Another must-do method to organize a small pantry is to categorize your items in a very specific way. For instance, you can create zoning spots for grains, canned food, and snacks. This organization allows you to find any particular items when you need them at particular moments.

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Provide easy access

Once you have plenty of storage stations inside your small pantry, the next thing to keep in mind is that you provide easy access to grab those items. It’s so exhausting to dig deep around a tiny pantry, so you have to make your stuff has its own place and everything is easy to find. A simple option that you can consider is to use mesh baskets or transparent containers so you can see everything from distance.

Build your very own shelves

Got some empty wall space around the room? Build your own DIY open shelves by simply using some 2×4 wood planks that you can find in the nearby hardware store. You can turn them into a gorgeous open shelf with some simple steps.

Consider alternative storage option

You don’t really have enough space to install built-in cabinets? Don’t get stressed up. You can consider another alternative to have ample storage stations in your tiny pantry. Some creative homeowners use a bookcase with glass doors to replace built-in cabinets and shelves. It will provide plenty of space for you to store some dishes and even your beloved cookbooks.

Add customize shelves

Utilizing as much empty space as possible is a key to getting a cozy small pantry. If you have a floor-to-ceiling cabinet with the ‘naked’ side, you can install shelves on their sides to store some condiments, dry foods, and herbs. Simply attach some wood planks on the sides of the cabinet and you have nice additional storage that won’t cost you a lot.

Display the jars and cans, always

In small pantries and cabinets, displaying jars and cans is essential. It’s because most of you tend to lose them and have to eventually dig deep to find a particular canned food when you need it. That being said, always place them on the pantry risers for very convenient access.

Add some lazy susans

Lazy Susans can also become a storage option to place your herbs, condiments, and sauce. You can simply spin your Lazy Susans to find each item that you need conveniently. There’s no need to shift through the bottles to find a particular one.

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Enhance the beauty

Some home experts suggest that the more beautiful your pantry look, the more motivated you would properly organize it. Get rid of your pantry’s plain look by adding a more decorative touch like painting a fruit pattern or botanical wallpaper. This is an easy idea to make your entire cabinet look way more stylish so you will be more motivated to avoid clutter.

Extend the island

Running out of space in your small pantry and shelf? Check your island if you have one and turn it into additional storage stations to store your items. A good option is to add an open shelf to the sides of your kitchen island which is enough to handle some jars.

Consider building a corner pantry

A corner pantry is a great solution for you who dream of a pantry closet but don’t really have enough space around the room. You will have a spacious storage station without taking up a lot of space around the room.

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