How to Improve Your Door Like an Expert | 6 Easy Tips

Decorating and improving the look of a house is a required process that every homeowner needs to do. Among many parts of the house that needs to be improved, the door is a part that sometimes gets forgotten. In fact, a door is the first thing that will welcome your coming guests and they see, especially the front door. Therefore, we recommend you spend more details on your door.

How to Improve Your Door Like an Expert

How to Improve Your Door Like an Expert

Below we have compiled some tips that you can do to enhance the look of your door, so check them out!

Regular Cleaning

Just like any decoration items and furniture inside the house, the door also needs regular maintenance.  You will need extra care especially if the door is facing the busy road directly. The dust, dirt, cobwebs, leaves, direct sunlight, rain, and also not to mention grime, oily fingerprints, and fur friends dirt.

There are a few ways to clean it by using supplies that you already have. You can use a broom and vacuum to clean dust and dirt. Meanwhile, for oily fingerprints, you use a soapy cloth to remove them. If you spot heavier dirt, using a hose is the best option.

Play with Colors

The easiest and fastest way to change the look of any part of your house is by giving it a new color. Of course, you have to purchase the right paint type for the material of the door. This trick lets you explore your creativity which will make it pop and fresher.

Before choosing the paint color, make sure that it suits a certain material so it won’t damage the door. Also, look for the color that matches the shade of the trim and siding. Fresh colors are suitable for your modern look while subtle ones are great to create an elegant finish.

New Hardware

For old houses with their original hardware, it’s very natural to find the handles, kick plates, knows, and knockers become rusty and drab. You may find some products to solve the rustiness of the hardware but if you want to get a complete makeover, replacing them with new ones is the best solution.

This step may look simple but will definitely revive the look of your door entirely. There are tons of options from unique traditional to stylish modern hardware that you can easily install by yourself.

Lighting Fixtures

Installing outdoor lighting can also be a good consideration to enhance the door’s look. The right lighting can create a more feel and vibe to the door’s surface, of course, it can help to increase your home’s safety too. One of the lighting types that you can use is sconces, pendants, or flush mount lighting fixtures.

Add Accessories

If you don’t have time to clean and paint or don’t want to spend on new hardware? It’s totally fine because you can accessorize the surrounding of the door instead. Some accessories that do wonders to this space are doormats, plants, and other items to add more textures, colors, and dynamics. This is another way to show your personality and aesthetic preferences to the coming guests.

Consider a New Door

As a homeowner, you have to be ready for any possibilities including buying a new piece. It’s because all the tips above will never work well if the door’s condition itself is not supported. For example, if the door is dysfunctional, extremely damaged, cracked, warped, or the lock is broken, you have no other choice than to replace it for your safety as well.

Those are some tips to enhance your door’s look to become more stunning and eye-catching!

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