How to Decorate a House You Just Rented?

Making a small space feel truly homey can be challenging, especially when your decorating options are limited by rental rules and landlord laws. If you live in an apartment, condo, or rental, you can still make a space your own with a few strategic design ideas.

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So, how can you personalize your rented apartment without risking your security deposit? Take a look at these useful tips.

Buy Houseplants but not TOO MUCH!

House plants are expected to be part of the decor in a luxury turnkey property since most apartments do not have gardens or even balconies. House plants aren’t only for decoration; you’ll be amazed at how beneficial houseplants can be to our health and well-being. Adding a few plants to your rental property is an economical way to instantly make it feel airier while also enhancing your comfort and wellbeing.

Invest in a Good Lighting

If turning on the lights in your rented home makes you look like you’ve been up all night, you should invest in gorgeous light fixtures. They’ll help you upgrade your rental home and keep it glowing all year.

You may go with a lamp that stands out to make it more of a centerpiece rather than an accessory. Don’t forget to use LED bulbs in your light fixtures; they’re both a more environmentally friendly and budget-friendly option.

Have a Renter-Friendly Door Awnings

You’ve rented a home, but there’s no shade in the backyard. You’d love to create a roofed back porch if you owned the property, but that isn’t an option with a rental. If you want to gain some relief from the sun’s burning rays without making any permanent changes to your home, then the best door awnings and canopies come in handy in this situation.

Although a retractable awning is attached to your home, it does not cause any long-term damage. Retractable awnings are usually packaged in metal boxes. With just a few screws, these tall vertical boxes can be affixed to brick or wood exterior walls.

That means you may put up an awning on a rental property, but when you take it down, all you have to do is fill in a few holes, and it all looks the same. Before installing an awning, make sure your renter is okay with it.

Temporary awnings are not connected to the house and do not alter it in any manner. They can be attached to telescoping poles or other makeshift structures. While you’re renting, you can put up a temporary awning and then take it with you when you move.

Decorate Walls Without Damaging Them

A dull, conventional apartment color scheme can be transformed into something beautiful with wall treatments. You can use actual permanent wallpaper or seek fabric or curtains to adorn the walls if you’re looking for temporary decoration ideas. They are the most basic ways to decorate a rental home wall without painting it.

All of these temporary decorating ideas, however, would be useless unless you know how to hang them without damaging the walls. Nails, adhesives, and other hardware are frequently prohibited in rental properties.

You’ll need solutions designed with tenants in mind that won’t harm the walls or get creative with how you decorate them.

Buy a Statement Rug

When it comes to decorating a rental property, don’t forget about the floor. You’ll need to secure your investment regardless of whether you have wood flooring, laminate, or carpet. A striking rug can transform the appearance of a room while also protecting your floor from stains and wear. To show off some of your personality, choose a rug that blends your favorite patterns and colors.

It’s crucial to remember that the size of your room and the layout of your furniture are the two most important factors to consider when selecting a rug size. If you’re undecided or between sizes, go with the larger size for a more considered, rather than chaotic, final look.

Opt for Multifunctional Furniture

When you’re renting, it’s better to spend your money on items you’ll be able to take with you when you move. Experts advise choosing a few standout pieces of furniture for each space, with the harmony of your furniture choices providing an overall theme for your home.

Multifunctional furniture can save money and space while also allowing a place to serve multiple purposes. To adapt to your demands, invest in sophisticated, esthetic furniture.

These pieces of furniture perform well in a small space, e.g., a dining table that can double as a workstation during the day and a dining table at night. If you’re short on room, consider furniture that can be stacked, folded, or stored easily, such as a nest of tables or stackable chairs.

Final Takeaway

Whether owned or rented, a house should feel like home. We all want to live in a place that reflects our unique personalities. We know that achieving this desire in a rented house is much more difficult due to the lease’s restrictions and regulations.

These rental house design ideas are for anyone who enjoys personalizing their space. Just because you don’t own the house doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the decor. Now is the time to put these recommendations to use and change your rental home!

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