How To Decorate Your Rooms With Area Rugs

When it comes to decorating your home, there is a fine line between something extraordinary and something that will turn out to be a complete disaster. If you’re not an interior designer, you need to do a lot of research, and thanks to the Internet, there are online pages with pics that might inspire you, tons of videos, and articles that share valuable tips on decorating. 

You’ve already decided on your sofa, coffee table, cupboards, and wall colors and style. You’ve even chosen a few pics to hang around just to give the room some of your own style. But, you can feel that something is missing. Have you considered investing in area rugs? The following article will explain how to fit them in every room in the house. In the meantime, check out Lemieux et Cie rugs collection as our suggestion!

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Area rugs in different rooms of your home

Living room 

Your living area is the main place where you let your guest spend most of the time. It needs to be comfy, cozy, and to have a dash of your personality. You can easily achieve that by adding pics, following your personal style, adding some sort of art, ornaments… but, if you really want to go all in, you should invest in an area rug that will be the centerpiece in the room. Depending on your preferences you can get one of those fuzzy area rugs that will make you feel like you’re walking on clouds, or you can get some vibrant color to dominate. 

No matter what you choose, there are some universal rules you should follow. First off, your area rug should be placed under the coffee table and the sofa, if not more, only under the front chair legs. This will stabilize the rug, and your sofa won’t move around much. You can also invest in chair leg floor protectors that will make the sofa even more stable if the back is directly on the floor. If you invest in multiple area rugs, make sure that they go well with each other, and they don’t take over the whole room. 

Dining room 

The place where the whole family gathers to have a nice dinner. It’s definitely not the place to put your most expensive area rug. The heartache you’ll feel once the meat sauce splashes onto the expensive material will be unbearable. For the dining room, it’s best to invest in an area rug that will be a bit cheaper and made of materials that you can maintain easily. You don’t want to opt for the fuzzy materials here, so flatweave rugs are your friend here. If you think that the floor is too cold with them, try layering up or adding a rug pad. 

In terms of general rules, your dining room rug should be big enough to cover the table and all of the chairs. It should go even further from the chairs, to that point where you can easily take the chair back, sit comfortably, and all of the chair legs are still on the rug. The worst thing you can experience is sitting at the dinner table, rocking back and forth with your chair because of the different floor levels. Save yourself from the trouble and invest in a rug that is big enough for your room.

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This is an intimate place that needs to make you comfortable and relaxed. It’s also a place that not many people visit, so if you’re uncertain whether you should express your personality in the living room, we definitely encourage you to do so in the bedroom. The area rug that you put here is completely up to you, but it should still fit in nicely with the surroundings. There are some really great choices of unique area rugs, vintage ones, expressive ones, boho rugs… 

The placement of the rug in your bedroom can visually change the room, making it look longer, wider, smaller, bigger… you can choose to put the rug beneath your bed and the nightstands, or you can skip the nightstands and extend the rug in front of the bed instead. Both of the ways do wonder for your room, but if you have a smaller bedroom and still want comfort, you should definitely opt for runners that you’ll place on both sides of the bed. That way, you’ll have something soft beneath your feet when you get out of bed, but it’ll be much easier to maintain. 


Area rugs can be the perfect addition to every room in your house. They give you the warm feeling from the moment you get out of bed, make yourself a cup of coffee, eat your dinner, to the moment you walk yourself to your bedroom at the end of the day. Make sure you show your personality through them, and before you know it, people will be coming to you asking for decorating advice. 

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