How to Deep Clean Makeup Brushes in No Time

Finally, it’s time for you to deep clean your beloved makeup brushes since they no longer feel comfortable to use and look disgusting. The stains that build up around the bristles need to get cleaned as soon as possible.

Below, we share some steps that you can follow on how to deep clean makeup brushes for your ultimate reference.

How to Deep Clean Makeup Brushes

How to Deep Clean Makeup Brushes
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Prepare these supplies:

  • Mild soap or liquid brush shampoo
  • Wash cloth
  • Paper towel
  • Silicone brush cleaning pad

Follow these steps:

Dampen the brushes

Put your makeup brushes under a stream of lukewarm water until they are damp enough and not overwet. Keep in mind to never use hot water as it can damage certain types of makeup brushes.

Choose your cleaning solution

To clean your makeup brushes, you can use various types of cleaning solutions, which include:

  • The safest option is to use liquid brush shampoo which is specifically formulated to handle makeup brushes. However, some products may actually leave some greasy film on their fibers, so reading some reviews may help you to choose the right one.
  • Baby shampoo is a good alternative to consider. You can just use a tiny amount of liquid soap to clean your makeup brushes.
  • The last option is solid soap in which you can directly swirl damp makeup brushes on the soap.

Wash the brush

Wash the brush by using a washcloth, silicone cleansing pad, or even your hand until you are sure that the caked-on stain is removed completely. The cleansing pad is considered the best option since it comes with a textured surface that can break down the caked-on stains quickly.

The longer you don’t wash the brush, the harder the stains from the liquid makeup or powder around the bristles can be removed. Let the soapy water gets colorized as it’s a sign that the cleaning solution works really well.

Rinse the brush

Once you are sure that you have removed the stains within the bristles, you can rinse the brush. Swirl the brush in the clean water until you no longer see any residue left. Keep in mind to never soak the part where the brush is attached to the handle as it can damage the glue.

Dry up the brush

Squeeze the brush to remove the excess water as much as possible. Then, lay a paper towel and place your makeup brushes on it (reshape the bristles before placing them).

Leave the makeup brushes to air-dry overnight and you should have them feel softer and fluffier the next day.

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When do you need to clean your makeup brush?

The rule of thumb is that it depends on how often you use your makeup brushes. If you use them daily, it would be wise to clean them up every 10 days. For those who share makeup brushes, always give a quick clean after each use.

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