3 Simple Steps on How to Organize Bookshelves Like a Pro

Organizing a bookshelf can be quite tricky, especially if you are planning to make the shelf one of the main focal points around the house. The shelf should work well to enhance the beauty of your decor instead of ruining the vibe.

Here, we share with you a quick guide on how to organize bookshelves to properly get the job done.

How to Organize Bookshelves

How to Organize Bookshelves
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Set your goal

The very first thing that you need to keep in mind is how you are planning to use your bookshelf. Start by inspecting the entire shelf and checking the books that you won’t read anymore. You can move those books to another space around the house.

From there, you can determine the function of your bookshelf, whether it’s functional, decorative, or a combination of both. Here’s what you can consider:

  • If you want a decorative bookshelf, organize the books by color to create a nice overall look which means that you may need to combine different books together regardless of their genre. Put some decor items and jewelry on top or on the sides of the books.
  • Grouping the books by genre or alphabetical order is a good way to make the shelf neatly functional.
  • Do you prefer to go with both options? You can actually use your beautiful mind to envision what the bookshelf will look like. Organizing the books by type and size, spacing the books with a decor item, or stacking the books with some decor items on top of them are recommended by experts.

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Learn about placement

Keep in mind that you need to arrange the placement of different types of books when you are organizing your bookshelf. Follow the steps below:

  • Separate the hardcover books from the paperbacks.
  • Place the books forward with around 1 – 2 inches of the self showing to create a nice clean line.
  • Arrange the books from the shortest to the tallest or vice versa to create a clean cascading overall look. For those who prefer the horizontally stack the books, always place the larger ones on the bottom and the smaller ones on top.
  • If you want to make your bookshelf look more decorative, you can either mix colorful books on one shelf or one different hue for each shelf.
  • Allowing some open space to place cute decor items around the shelf is also a good idea to make it look more attractive, Just avoid pushing the books back and placing some trinkets in front of them since it can create a cluttered vibe.
  • Considering yourself a bookworm? Try to organize the books orderly by when you finished reading each one of them. It’s also a good organizing method if you tend to read books at special moments in your life.

Keep the shelf clean

If you find some books that show signs of wear, consider removing their hardback covers. You can remove and recycle the original covers to make the shelf look nice and clean.

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