How to Deter Stray Cats Humanely All by Yourself

Stray cats can be quite annoying once they found that they can stay in your garden a little while. They might destroy your beautiful flowers, kill your birds, or litter your outdoor living space (or you just simply hate cats).

How to Deter Stray Cats

There are some ways that you can do all by yourself to deter stray cats from your backyard. The steps are actually so simple that you can finish in no time without costing you a lot.

Check out our simple tutorial on How to Deter Stray Cats which is so easy to follow.

How to Deter Stray Cats

Eliminate food source

Food source is the main element that attracts stray cats to come to your property. You might not have any intention to provide food sources for those stray cats, but those uncovered trash bins, your pet’s leftover, and barbeque pits can draw their attention.

So, here’s what you need to do:

  • Feed your pet inside to avoid leaving the pieces on the ground.
  • Cover your trash bins securely to ensure that the smell doesn’t spread around.
  • Avoid adding meat scraps to your composts.
  • Clean your barbeque pits thoroughly and ensure that doesn’t smell anymore.

Eliminate shelter

Avoid turning your outdoor space into stray cats’ shelter. They will look for a safe and secure place in harsh weather conditions or when they are raising their kittens.

If you notice a hole in your garages or sheds, cover it immediately before those stray cats make their ways to get inside. Move woodpiles inside your shed since they may also see it as a shelter.

Another way to make your outdoor space look less appealing to those stray cats is to create discomfort. Add sharp pebbles to your flower beds so they won’t step their feet around.

Use commercial or natural repellant

You can find some commercial repellants which are specifically manufactured to deter stray cats. The instructions on the label will guide you on how to use it.

Alternatively, you can also use some natural repellants that you might already have in your home, like:

  • Mothballs
  • Coffee grounds
  • Citrus peels
  • Citrus sprays
  • Ground mustard
  • Cayenne pepper

Simply sprinkle those repellents in the flowerbeds or perimeters of your garden. You might need to reapply the repellants after the heavy rain washes them away.

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Place Humane Traps

If you are willing enough, you can purchase some spring-loaded humane traps and place them around your garden. The best spots are where you mostly see the cats playing in your outdoor space.

One thing with using traps is that you might catch other animals like opossums or raccoons. Keep in mind to always use a very humane approach to handle those animals.

Ask for help

IF with all of those steps the stray cats keep coming around, you might need to ask for help from animal control. They will helo to handle the problem with the most humane techniques possible. You might also want to call them when you have trapped the cats yourself.

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