How to Fix Common Leakage Issues

Plumbing leaks can be costly in terms of hefty water bills, water damage repairs, and mold cleanup. Early detection of plumbing leaks can save you money and prevent further damage to your property. Some of the common leaks that homeowners deal with include leaky faucets, leaking water pipes, leaking sewer lines, toilet leaks, appliance leaks, and kitchen sink leaks. Some leaks are quite simple to fix, while others can be complicated. If you have some experience and are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment, there are common leakage issues you can tackle yourself.

Let’s look at some of the ways to fix common leaks you’ll find around your home.

  1. How to Fix a Dripping Tap

The most common causes of a dripping tap include a worn out washer, a loose O-ring, a worn-out seal, corrosion in the valve seat, excessive water pressure, and loose parts. To fix a dripping tap, you’ll need to disassemble the tap and inspect its components to determine the cause. If a worn-out washer is the problem, remove the tap’s faucet handle and the stem, then replace the faulty washer with a new one. You should only replace damaged components of a dripping tap if you know what you are doing. If you don’t have the necessary skills and experience to repair a dripping tap, call a plumber in Allison Park to help you out. 

How to Fix Common Leakage Issues

2. How to Fix a Leaking Toilet

A leaking toilet can render your bathroom unusable and cause unsanitary conditions in your home. A toilet can leak due to a crack in the bowl or tank, worn feed line, faulty fill valve, worn out seal at the base, loose tee bolts and more. If your toilet is leaking, you’ll need to examine all the components and determine the cause of the leakage. If the issue is loose tee bolts, use an adjustable open-end wrench to tighten the bolts.

3. How to Fix a Leaking Water Pipe

Fixing leaking pipes beneath your home’s foundation or behind walls can be quite complicated because of the difficulty in accessing the pipes. However, there are tell-tale signs of water leakage that you should look out for. If your water meter is moving when all the water is turned off, you’ll know there’s a leak somewhere in your home. It is best to call an experienced plumber in Allison Park to find the source of the leak and make repairs.

4. How to Fix a Leaking Sink

The first step toward fixing a leaking sink is to determine where it’s leaking. Your sink may leak due to a loose water supply connection, a leaky drain, or a clogged P-trap. Try to tighten the nuts connecting the drain to the sink to see if the leakage stops. If it doesn’t, call a plumber in Franklin Park to help you repair your sink. 

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