How to Get Rid of Weevils In My Bedroom | 5 Simple Tips

A bedroom is a place where you want to get relaxed and feel comfortable. However, it can turn out as an annoyance when you see unwanted things, especially if the size is small. Finding small and unwanted creatures in your bedroom is indeed an unpleasant experience because you don’t want to spend your relaxing time with them. Although a bedroom is a spot to rest, we can still find some unwanted existence like cockroaches and weevils.

How to Get Rid of Weevils In My Bedroom ft

Weevils are small creatures that you can find easily on various spots that contain starch like corn, rice, acorn, wheat, flour, and oats. Although weevil’s existence is not something dangerous that carries harmful germs like cockroaches, it’s still uncomfortable to live with.

Finding weevils in your bedroom means that you definitely have a sufficient ambiance that weevils love. Since most of them have a small size, it can be quite tricky to spot immediately with bare eyes. Well, each homeowner has their own way to make their bedroom stay clean and prevent any bugs away.

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How to Get Rid of Weevils In My Bedroom

1. Inspect Your Bedroom Thoroughly

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This is probably the most basic thing to do to make sure that your bedroom is always clean and free from any crumbles. Of course, we understand that it’s always comfortable and exciting to eat in your bedroom while watching your favorite TV series. However, please make sure that you clean up thoroughly in every single corner, especially on the bedding and a rug.

All the spills and crumbles that your favorite snacks may attract weevils and ants. It would be another level of inconvenience when you want to enjoy your relaxing time yet you’re struggling with those unwanted insects.

2. Don’t Miss the Kitchen and Storage Out

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Of course, when it comes to cleaning a possible infestation area, you can’t opt-out of the kitchen where you store your food like rice, spices, herbs, grain, flour, and even pet food. Storage like cabinets, shelves, cupboards, and other storage has to be checked as well.

Kitchen and storage like cupboards and cabinets are some of the best places that weevils love along with roaches. A damp ambiance is definitely the paradise of weevils to stay longer. Also, we all know that a kitchen is a place that gets dirty easily so that’s why you have to make sure this place as clean as possible.

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 3. Bring A Vacuum Cleaner If Needed

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Some people may feel less satisfied when they clean up a room by using only a broom so they perfect the step with a vacuum cleaner. Using a vacuum cleaner to reach narrow spaces might also help to wipe away the possible weevil’s infestation. We know that we might miss something by using hands so that’s why people choose to use a vacuum cleaner for a better result.

4. Use Pesticides To Help Better

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Pesticides are one of the items that can help to kill and prevent weevils from coming again. If you’re planning to use pesticides, please make sure to choose the one that is safe for food or the one with a straw so you can apply it to a specific spot. Pesticides come with various forms and scents that you can set based on your need, for example, a liquid aerosol, liquid spray, and weevil trap.

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5. Consider Cleaning Service for Deep Cleaning

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This method is more optional because for some people a deep cleaning is needed to get a proper cleaning sight. Well, you don’t have to use a cleaning service every day and only use it once in two weeks or twice a month. Some homeowners feel the satisfying feeling to see clear water become darker.

Cleaning services usually focusing on the bed, rug, carpet, sofa, and other padded furniture. Some home cleaning services also bring along a device that can scan the surface and inside the bed.

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Those are some tips that you can do to get rid of weevils and prevent them from coming again. Although weevils are not creatures that bring harmful germs like cockroaches, it’s still disgusting to share the same spot with them. Especially in a space where you sleep and want to get a comfortable rest.

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