How to Hang String Lights in Backyard without Trees with Only 3 Steps

Just like your indoor space, your exterior area like the backyard also needs some touch of decoration. Besides those greeneries, flowers, and water features, you can also add some décor items to make it look and feel way more inviting.

As you may have known, a lot of homeowners decorate their backyard with string light these days. These simple yet attractive décor items can enhance the beauty of your backyard by working as an additional lighting source. It makes your outdoor space look sparkling, so you can enjoy your backyard in night time in a more exhilarating way.

Installing a string light is really a piece of cake, especially if you have some tall trees around. In fact, the word ‘installing’ may sound a little bit too much since you just actually need to hang the lights to those trees.

But, it may become more difficult when you plant no trees in your backyard. You have to find another way to hang the string lights so it can decorate your outdoor space beautifully.

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Don’t worry, there are some ways that you can try to hang the string lights even when you don’t have any trees to support it. The tutorial on How to Hang String Lights in Backyard without Trees will guide you to solve the problem.

How to Hang String Lights in Backyard without Trees

Hang it Along the Fence

This method suits you better if you have a wood or vinyl fence since they mostly come with posts and planks on their panels. You can benefit the post and planks parts to hang the string light, so you can have a sparkling fence which is enough to brighten up your night. Moreover, you can attach the nails or hooks more easily with those fencing materials.

Prepare these supplies:

  • String lights
  • Nails or metal hooks
  • Hammer

Follow these steps:

  • Measure the length of your fence to determine the length of the string lights that you need.
  • Attach the nails or hooks on the spots on the fence that you have determined.
  • Hang the string lights with a little bit slack in them instead of making them tightly secured.
  • Make sure that the power outlet for the string light is close enough to the fence.

As an alternative, you can also just drape the string lights on your fence. However, it may be not as secure as using the nails or metal hooks.

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Build Your Own Post

To make your string lights look more outstanding, you can build some posts to hang them. The supplies that you need are easily available and you can build them all by yourself. You can make as many posts as you need.

Prepare these supplies:

  • String lights
  • Heavy-duty buckets or planters
  • Wood posts or PVC pipes
  • Spray paint (optional)
  • Concrete mix
  • Nails or hooks
  • Water

Follow these steps:

  • Spraypaint the buckets or planters and the posts with your desired colors. Make sure you paint them inside and outside to get the best result. Let them completely dry. Though this step is optional, you have to colorize the buckets at first before continuing to other steps.
  • Mix the concrete, follow the manufacturer’s instruction to find out the amount of concrete mix and water that you need.
  • Place the post middle of the bucket and fill it with the concrete mixture, make sure that you place the posts evenly.
  • Use any support that you find to hold the post in place while waiting for the concrete to dry.
  • Attack hooks or nails to the post to hang the string lights or you can just simply tie them to the posts.

Hang it to Your Patio Ceiling

lighten patio

If you have a patio, you can decorate its ceiling with string lights. It’s a good alternative that you can use to lighten up your patio so you can enjoy it day and night.

  • If you can’t find any supports to hang the string lights, you can attach hooks or nails to the roof of your patio.
  • Hang the string lights as you desire.

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So those are the steps that you can follow when you want to hang some string lights in your backyard even with no trees around. You can do the job all by yourself without costing you a lot.

Well, let’s add this How to Hang String Lights in Backyard without Trees Tutorial to your DIY projects list now!

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