How To Know It Is Time For A Flea Exterminator

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Fleas are among the most dreaded pests that home owners deal with. These tiny insects feed on the blood of pets and humans, and could cause serious health problems. Once they are spotted, immediate flea extermination should be carried out by a pest control company. This is because due to a number of reasons discussed below:

Why Fleas Require Immediate Extermination After Detection

  • They Multiply Quickly: Fleas multiply very quickly, as a female flea lays an average of 5000 eggs over a lifetime of around 30 to 90 days. Do the maths, and you will realize that a few fleas that gain entry into your home, can become thousands in a few weeks.
  • They Hide Well: Fleas are capable of hiding very well, this makes it very hard to get rid of them. Their hiding technique entails jumping about three feet high, and attaching themselves to household items like furniture, carpets, pillows and curtains.
  • They Cause Health Risks: Fleas are associated with a lot of health risks in both humans and animals. Their bites are itchy and cause lead to infections. They also carry other parasite, notably tapeworm. Fleas are also known to cause allergic reactions.

How To Detect Fleas In Your Home

Having discussed the need for immediate extermination after detection, it is important to highlight ways to detect fleas in the home. Below are three foolproof ways of detecting a flea infestation in your home.

  • Check Your Pet Beds: Your pets are a major target for fleas, and you can be sure to detect an infestation by examining your pet beds. Flea eggs will most likely be laying on your pet beds, in case of an infestation. These eggs are tiny and oval-shaped, having an off-white color. Be sure to check these beds and other spots where your pets sleep including couches, and even your bed. Due to their size, you might need a flashlight or a magnifying glass to spot these eggs.
  • The White Sock Test: The white sock test is a proven method of detecting flea infestation in the home. For this test, you need to put on a pair of knee-high white socks. After putting the socks on securely, you will then walk around the areas where you suspect flea infestation. This should include your furniture, carpeting and pet beds. If there are fleas present in these areas, they will be sure to attach themselves to your socks. The white sock test is best carried out in the afternoon for proper lighting.
  • Examine Your Carpet And Hardwood Floor: Your carpeting or hardwood floor offers fleas, a comfortable place to hide. Examine your rugs and carpets using a magnifying glass. For hardwood floor, be sure to look at the cracks for them.

Contact a professional pest control company to find out more about flea detection, as well as the best steps for extermination.

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