How To Make The Front Of Your House Look Pretty

It doesn’t matter whether you have just purchased your house, have lived there a long time, or are just looking to sell, you will want the front of your house to look its best. A pretty house is simply more enticing to everyone.

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Consider Your Front Door

A good place to start is with the entrance to your home. Although your door may have once looked great, it’s likely to have started looking tired. One look at some of the Parkwood doors on offer will assure you that your old door needs to go.

Decide your preferred colour, material, and other details regarding your front door and get the company to install it as soon as possible. It’s remarkable the difference it will make.


Yes, you can add beautiful plants and other decorations to make the front of your house look pretty. But, before you do any of those things you need to focus on getting the house to look its best. That means cleaning and tidying.

Start by cutting the grass, trimming all the bushes, and removing the clutter and waste from your yard. You will also need to wash the outside of your home.

This will instantly transform the space as the outline of your yard and entrance to your hole will be more defined.

Get Out The Paint

After you’ve washed the walls of your house you’ll want to take a look at them. The truth is they will be better if you give them a fresh coat of paint. It’s not just the walls of your home, look at all the yard walls to ensure any painted ones get a fresh coat.

Your property will look new again.


The next stage is to do some landscaping. You already know your yard and know where to go if you were visiting. But, this may not be so obvious to others. It’s time to landscape your garden and create the simple features that you want. This can be pathways, water features, or even a collection of garden gnomes.

The point is to personalize it and improve the flow of traffic; effectively directing people to the front door.


Another key part of making the front of your house look pretty is to replace the hardware. That means swapping the house name and number for a modern stylish sign. Take a look at your mailbox, door handles, and even gate handles. If they look dated replace them, it’s safer and prettier.

Add Window Boxes

A great way to lift your house further is to paint some window boxes a nice bright colour and hang them on your windows. They will instantly give your home a more homely feel that makes it more appealing. In addition, the boxes can be used for pretty flowers or even to create your own herb garden.

Don’t forget to take a look at the lighting, especially around the front door and the main pathway. You want the house to look pretty at all times of the day or night.

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