How to Organize a Bathroom All by Yourself Like a Pro

If you find organizing a bathroom challenging, you are not the only one. This problem becomes much worse when you are dealing with limited space.

How to Organize a Bathroom
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The early sign that you don’t properly organize your bathroom is when your drawers and cabinets are full yet you still have a lot of things to store. That’s when you need to change the way you organize your essentials right away. You don’t really have to buy the pieces of storage furniture since they may take up a lot of space around the room that is not around.

Below, we share with you some inspiring ways how to organize a bathroom that you can try now!

How to Organize a Bathroom

Declutter everything

Declutter the items in your bathroom is similar to editing the old habit which creates a huge mess around. This step involves taking out unused items, creating categories, and pairing them down. Editing your old organizational habit will determine the right way to organize your bathroom for the future system.

For sure, you can’t skip decluttering your stuff before even start organizing.

Measure the space

Now you have a fresh bathroom that will show you the available space, the items that you need to store there, and the way to organize each one of them. The fresh space that you have around also tells you the right sizes of containers that fit your bathroom really well when you need to add some. You will create a worse mess when you buy containers in the wrong sizes instead of organizing the room.

In addition to the sizes, consider choosing containers that come in transparent look since they allow you to see your items from distance.

Group the items

Categorization is always the most convenient way to organize your items. Separate them based on their benefits like giving the face, dental, hair, body, and bath essentials their own homes. In addition to those bathroom essentials, you also want to create dedicated spaces for makeup, cotton swabs, travel stuff, and other stocks to avoid any clutter around.

Label the items

Once you have categorized your items, use a labeling system to provide a way more convenient organization. Keep in mind to create the labeling as general as possible since you have put the items in categorial order anyway. Using labels that are too specific may prevent you from finding particular items quickly.

Utilize the walls

Walls are always the space that you can look into when you are dealing with a small bathroom. That being said, don’t hesitate to install floating shelves to provide extra storage stations around. They work really well to maximize storage without taking up any space on the flooring.

Floating shelves also give a nice aesthetic touch to the overall look of the room, especially by placing some chic decor items on top of them.

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Store the stock somewhere

Of course, storing the extra towels and toilet paper in your small bathroom is not a wise idea, so store them in another room. Those stocks are usually items that you don’t have to access frequently. If you don’t have any spare room, simply stack some bins with labels in your laundry room to store your stocks.

Keep the counter clean

You can’t really have a neat bathroom when you have a cluttered countertop. This is the spot that is so risky to get messy since most of you may just leave your daily essentials on its surface.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t store anything there but always keep it to a minimum. Use the drawers, cabinets, and closets optimally since they can hide your items which can avoid a messy overall look.

Get some baskets

Providing storage stations on the floor space is not always about placing pieces of furniture. Some simple baskets can also maximize the storage space around the room which is enough to store some towels or extra bathroom essentials that you can’t keep inside the cabinet. If you prefer to have some baskets, consider using ones in a similar design to create a nice harmonious overall look.

Check under the sink

The space under the sink may be quite difficult to help you to have extra storage, but with a simple touch, the problem can be solved. Just simply place some storage bins that you can pull out to utilize this hidden space. You don’t have to worry about the plumbing that may get in the way to store some cleaning products for the bathroom.

Don’t skip the hooks

Another way to maximally utilize every space in your bathroom is to install a few wall hooks. In fact, they are the features that you can’t miss when you are dealing with a small bathroom. Hooks are great to keep your towels without taking the space in your cabinets.

Sometimes, those hooks may ruin the decorating style of your bathroom, so choose the ones which match the color palette of the room. It’s a good way to make them give more statement to the overall look of the decor.

Easy access to daily items

To ease keeping everything well-organized, always keep the daily items in a designated space. For instance, group the toothbrush, toothpaste, face wipes, and other essentials in one space since you may use them twice a day anyway. This method will also help you to maintain and develop the organizational system that you have arranged.

Stick to the new system

Once you have applied some storage hacks above, you will automatically have some kind of new organizational system. Make sure to always stick to the rules that you have arranged so you don’t have to keep decluttering everything.

For instance, don’t store your body care in the containers that are designated for dental care. This will disrupt the organizational system that you have created and turn the bathroom into a mess over time.

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