15 Easiest and Smartest Tips on How to Organize A Small Bathroom

Having a small bathroom perhaps can be a tricky thing. How come? It definitely because the small bathroom doesn’t have a spacious place to put dozens of things inside. Then, you cannot decorate the bathroom with your lovely accessories as well.

In fact, the bathroom is one room in your home that hardly offers an enough storage space. It doesn’t matter how big your bathroom is, you must have the additional storage to make your bathroom look organized. If you have a small bathroom with narrow space, organizing it will take much more efforts.

how to organize a small bathroom

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Furthermore, there are hundreds of ways to provide the storage and organize your bathroom without remodeling your small bathroom to the bigger one. It’s all about how smart you are in organizing your tools in the small bathroom. It will not cost you a lot and waste your times if you know the right way on how to organize a small bathroom.

In this case, we have some tips that perhaps give you a guide in how to organize a small bathroom. Just follow our guide, you can drastically change the look of your small bathroom.

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Tips How to Organize A Small Bathroom

Hidden Storage

how to organize a small bathroom

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If you have a small bathroom, the hidden storage is a must have feature. Commonly, the inside of the cabinet door is a good part as the extra storage. This cabinet also is not the one which has a large size, but choosing the tiny vanity is a much wiser idea.

This hidden storage can keep your hair dryers, combs, hair straightener and other items. It also provides you the convenience to reach those things every time you need them.

Pedestal Sink with Under Storage

The pedestal sink with under storage is another great option to provide adequate space for storage to your small bathroom. It eases you to put a huge amount of your toiletries while also decorate the bathroom beautifully.

With the slat beside the storage, you can also put some magazines for your company.

Hanging Towel Rack

how to organize a small bathroom

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Talking about the towel, it’s surely the most important bathroom stuff that you always have in your bathroom. Make sure a plenty of towels that you have gets an available space in your bathroom.

If your towel does not fit in your small cabinet, the hanging towel rack may be your great option. The hanging towel rack on the wall above your toilet or beside the mirror will obviously save a lot of space.

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Above Door Storage

If you forget to give a space for storing your stock of tissues or toiletries, but there’s no available storage anymore, this idea is a good solution. The above door can be set as the spacious storage to put the toiletries you need.

Just create the rectangular shelf above the door, you can get the space to hold dozens of things.

Hanging Basket Storage

how to organize a small bathroom

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Don’t ignore the space above or beside the toilet, that will absolutely give you the ways for storing your toiletries. Just hanging three baskets on the wall, your tools will appear tidy and neatly. This definitely helps you who don’t have a cabinet or large storage in the bathroom.

Storage Above the Sink

how to organize a small bathroom

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Another smart way to answer your how to organize a small bathroom question is by creating an additional hanging storage above the sink. You can make this one cheaply and easily by using some used shipping wood pallets. Include this feature to your next DIY project to remodel your small bathroom.

Shower Caddy Storage

If your small bathroom cannot provide enough space to install the built-in shelves, this shower can be utilized to insert the shampoo or soap. Well, this handy shower storage can allow you to grab the toiletries easily. You can buy this rack in your local market.

Drawer Dividers for Makeup

Limit your makeup storage by creating the dividers in the drawers. It is definitely a good way to make the drawers become more useful to put your stuff.

Commonly, the top drawer is a right place to set up your makeup, so you will grab it fast. Drawer dividers simplify your activities in looking for the stuff that you need to use. The available drawer also will hold your brushed or lotion within easy reach.

Sliding Narrow Cabinet

how to organize a small bathroom

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You’ll extremely be amazed by knowing the function of the sliding narrow cabinet. It will contain how much stuff that you need to suit into a quite narrow cabinet. This kind of cabinet surely has a plenty of benefit for you who have a small bathroom.

By placing this cabinet in your bathroom, you will organize the toiletries tidy. Constructed of four grades storage, it ideally enables to store the tissue, soap, brush even medicine. This narrow cabinet is absolutely useful, isn’t it?

Ladder Storage Behind the Toilet

If it is impossible to create an above door storage because of any reason, this ladder storage behind the toilet can be a great idea. In this case, you can easily use an old ladder to provide extra storage your small bathroom.

You can simply put the tissue or attach the towel as well. This storage idea will also deliver the distinctive look to the bathroom decoration.

Thin and Small Vanity

how to organize a small bathroom

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A small bathroom is always possible to have the vanity inside, and choosing the thin and small bathroom vanity is absolutely better for you. Although you have a small bathroom, you’ll need also the vanity to store your tools neatly.

The existence of the vanity definitely gives an attractive look to your bathroom. Surely, vanity is such a must have bathroom stuff for you.

Free Up the Floor Space

how to organize a small bathroom

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To make your bathroom look bigger, of course, you have to place the stuff that can’t waste the floor space. By installing the pedestal sink or hanging sink, you automatically can give the free floor space in the bathroom.

In fact, one of the most overlooked spots in a small bathroom is below the counter or sink. Don’t skip this available space, you can simply add an extra shelf or tools container for storing the hair products or makeup.

Mirror to Mirror

how to organize a small bathroom

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A huge mirror can definitely give a wider impression to a small bathroom, so installing one is never a bad idea. You can also try to face two mirrors in face to face position to create a more distinctive atmosphere around the room.

Over the Bathroom Door Storage

If you really have a limited storage in your bathroom, the bathroom door is also an excellent spot to install the basket or container. The limited space actually boosts you to create the additional storage creatively. This idea on how to organize a small bathroom can help you to look for an extra storage to put your bathroom tools.

Visual Tricks

how to organize a small bathroom

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The last but not least, this idea on can be mentioned as the greatest tips on how to organize a small bathroom. Sticking the wallpaper which gives a wide impression is the best choice for you who have a small bathroom. Automatically, it delivers a trick of eyes that make the bathroom look way more inviting.

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