How to Organize Your Home Space for Work Video Chats

The pandemic times forced many people to switch to a remote mode of work. Lots of conveniences associated with remote work still become available after making certain arrangements. This aspect is associated with lots of different matters starting from working hours, laptops, smartphones, applications, and, of course, a working zone for your work and chats.

If we speak about different apps or technical things, at these points everything is more or less clear. If anything stops working well, you may easily ask some technician to help you with your hardware. If an application stops working well, you may easily reach its support with text or Coomeet chat and get the assistance you may need. Here you have somebody to help you and who can do this better than you can on your own. The other thing is arranging your working space for better effectiveness of your operation. How to do this well to make the surroundings comfortable for your work and online chatting rooms. There are lots of points to take into account here.

Things to Pay Attention to

How do you set up a home office for video conferencing? Do you consider your background, lighting, ergonomics, audio, technical parameters, and other things? All of such things should work in conjunction to ensure the best options for productivity. Let’s review each option separately:

1.Outer space

While arranging your working space you need to pay attention to the things that will surround you during the next video calls. This is not about making it totally free from any things. It should appear to be a natural one and you should not take all things out of there when the time of video calls comes. But, at the same time, the space that created a background for your calls should not be overloaded and be appropriate for home office video conferencing.

Pay attention to the aesthetical sides of a question. If you devote a separate spot in your room directly to the working area, that is the best option. But, if this is impossible for some reason, there are simple rules to follow.

Choose the best light for your working area (we will share good tips on this matter a bit later). Select a part of your room where a wall behind you could be one-colored or plain. There should not be many windows that give backlight in excess. Avoid any overloaded background – move things a bit to make such a background look better. What things can you remain to create a good work-from-home background? This may be a coffee table, paintings, and books – such things appear to be natural always. If nothing works, think about using a virtual background.

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Functionality has to be ensured also. What are the most workable rules at this point? Sit across from your doorways. Make sure there are no pathways behind you. Sit close enough to a wall so any people who may go nearby could not actually appear in your video. These simple home office ideas for video conferencing may help you with creating a workable space for your work.

2. Lightning

Lightening is anything that can make your video a totally different one. If it is arranged well, your face can be better visible and better looking, of course. What are the most important rules at this point? First of all, find a place with the biggest potion of natural light. It should be distributed evenly. There is a simple approach to detecting such a piece of your room. Take your laptop or other device and walk around the room looking for the best spot. Yes, there is no single answer to the question of where you should place a camera for video calling. Where is the brightest light source in the room?

After choosing this place, make sure you face this source of light as it comes into your room. If natural light is not sufficient enough, use artificial lightning. The best way at this point is to clip the reading light you have straight to a device you use for video chats. Also, avoid any super bright lights behind you – turn such off and make sure you have front-facing lightning.

3. Ergonomics

You need to make your working space comfortable for yourself first. And also take care of other arrangements. Ensure your laptop is located at a steady place. To elevate it a bit, you may use different books or a breakfast tray to fix a camera at eye level. For the case when you will need to type, make sure the surface you use is wide and flat and wide enough to support your wrists. Never hold your computer on your lap. This is not the best behavior in the business world. Always prefer comfortable seating that enables you to sit straight. Make sure you have all the necessary things at hand, at arm’s reach.

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4. Technical parameters of your devices and applications

The single thing that can give you confidence that all your appliances work well is that you have checked all parameters beforehand. Different things may happen. Settings may be lost and that may be noticed exactly at the start of video conferencing. Make your checklist of things to do, like checking audio, video, and all other parameters important for arranging effective communication. Look through this list each time you need to prepare for video conferencing. So, in this case, if you detect some troubles, you could have enough time to reach the support team of an app you use and ask a video chat girl to help you with resolving this matter. All these points are better to check beforehand.

5. Absence of distracters

Think from the practical perspective about people who can interrupt your work. These may be your neighbors, family members, or third parties who may call you, for instance. If you have an important video call, you may notify your neighbors about that beforehand telling them about the exact time you expect to get a video call. Set the rules for your family members – nobody should interrupt you when you are preparing for and actually have a video call. To prevent any unexpected calls, you may switch your phone to silent mode or install separate applications that block any notifications for some time. This will secure you in the case of forgetting about changing the settings of your mobile phone.

Final Words

These simple tips may easily help you to organize a home office at minimal costs. Make sure you have a natural and not overloaded background. Pay attention to lightning. Do your best to avoid any distractions. And, of course, make sure your working space is comfortable for you.

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