How to Pest-Proof the Kitchen: 5 Easy Tips

The kitchen is the heart of the home because it is where we get our food. Many of us spend hours in the kitchen every day, getting breakfast, cooking food, and gathering with friends and family. While the kitchen is such an important part of the home, it is also where most infestations begin.

Insects and rodents are drawn to kitchens for the same reasons we are – the food! They come for the foods we keep in storage and all the little pieces we forget about on the floor, in the garbage, and in the sink. The key to keeping pests out of the kitchen is to limit these foods as much as possible.

Here’s what you can do to keep pests out of your kitchen, so you can enjoy it freely. If you are currently facing an infestation, call Pest Control Caledon or another exterminator near you.

  1. Decant the Pantry

Decanting simply means to pour something from one container to another. When it comes to pantries, it typically means to put dried goods into sealed containers. Purchase some airtight containers and use them to store things like sugar, flour, pasta, and cereal. Doing so will make your foods inaccessible while reducing odours, making your kitchen less appealing to pests.

  1. Keep Items Off the Floor

Mice and many other pests like to hide under the cover of boxes and clutter. Move things off the floor in your kitchen so that pests have nowhere to hide and to make it easier for you to clean. If you need more space, use a movable kitchen island or utility cart with space underneath it so you can clean very easily. The same thing goes for pantries and storage closets. Don’t leave any storage boxes or anything at all on the floor.

  1. Use a Lidded Garbage Can

Pests love the smell of garbage, and they will get inside it when given the chance. Use a lidded garbage can so that its contents are out of reach and smells less. Be sure to take it out every night or as soon as it is full. The bins you take out to the curb should also have lids and be stored somewhere out of reach, like the garage or shed. These bins should also have locks and be tied down with bungee cords to keep raccoons out.

  1. Put Food Away at Night

Cockroaches and mice are nocturnal, so the kitchen should be especially clean at night. Fill up the dishwasher and wash all your dirty dishes before the end of the day. Put away any food that is lying around and make sure that everything is stored properly. If you have pets, try not to leave any kibble out overnight. Pests love pet food just as much as they love the foods we eat.

  1. Clean Surfaces Every Day

It’s important to remember that it doesn’t take much to feed household pests. Mice feed on crumbs and scraps, and cockroaches need only a greasy patch of oil to survive for months. Every day, be sure to wipe down your countertops and appliances when you are done with them. Vacuum the floors in your home about every week and mop on a regular basis. The surfaces within your fridge, oven, and pantry should also be kept clean.

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