How to Prepare Your Yard for Summer

If grass can talk, perhaps it won’t have anything good to say about summer, right? Summer doesn’t just pack an extra punch of heat. It also experiences drought, making it important for us to step in and take care of our yard. So, to help you have a very beautiful yard that your friends and family can enjoy this summer, take a look at these tips and tricks that Reynolds Team Richmond, VA, has suggested:

How to Prepare Your Yard for Summer

1. Water the Yard

Watering your yard before and during summer depends on whether water restrictions have affected the region and the water amount you have. In addition, it can depend on the type of grass your yard has. For instance, if it has a Nara Native, then you will need less water. It is also advisable to thoroughly water your yard early in the morning for around 15 minutes. This will let the lawn to effectively absorb the moisture.

2. Prune Trees

Spring is a good time to prepare trees and observe growth for summer. So, ensure you cut back the branches, which hang over the roof and trim shrubs and bushes. Remember to also inspect your trees for any signs of rot and damaged branches. If there is any, schedule an appointment with a tree professional to take care of the problem.

3. Mow the Grass

The required height of grass is between 2 and 3 inches. If they are too short, you can damage them and make them more vulnerable to weed invasion, drought, and heat stress. And if it’s too tall, you can increase the risks of scalping, which may, in turn, damage the yard. Based on the type of grass your yard has, you might need to mow the yard weekly. Mowing regularly helps to keep the grass looking its best and can prevent weeds from taking control. Apart from that, mowing will help to distribute the required nutrients throughout the yard. This is important as it promotes a very healthy growth of grass.

4. Scarify and Aerate

Getting rid of moss and excess thatch is important. More layers of thatch limit the movement of fertilizer, air, water, and other important nutrients that your grass depends on. This is not only important for your yard in the long term, but also a crucial maintenance task. To achieve this, you will need a spike roller or fork that can help you create holes about 20 centimeters deep into the yard soil. Scarifying is a mechanical and invasive way of raking a yard. It helps to thin out thatch, which has developed in the lawn.

5. Add Mulch

Although mulch may easily result in pest issues if it’s very close to your foundation, it is the best way to retain nutrients and moisture during summer. It will help to keep plants growing and sated. However, in many cases, it will be a bad idea. This is why it is important to talk to a lawn care expert to guide you on how you can use mulch properly in your lawn.

In conclusion, preparing a lawn for summer can be physically demanding. Some of them need quality products and precision applications. So, if you have the required skills and machinery, you can hire a lawn care expert to help.


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