How to Prevent Bats from Coming to Your Property | Quick DIY Guide

Bat is one of the animals which have quite a lot of bad reputations. From horror depiction in the movies to their role in spreading the recent pandemic, Covid-19.

How to Prevent Bats from Coming
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Well, that reputation is assigned to them for some reason. Bats can actually carry some diseases like rabies, histoplasmosis, leptospirosis, and are claimed as the Covid-19 virus’s initial carrier. That’s why you don’t want them to nest around your property, for sure.

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If you see some signs that bats are coming to your indoor and exterior area, you have to take some action immediately. The tutorial on how to prevent bats from coming below will help you to do the job effectively.

How to Prevent Bats from Coming

Ultrasonic Pests Repellents

You can find this type of repellent in a local hardware store. It basically works by emitting noises that can deter some pests including bats. You can install this device outdoor where bats usually play or hunt around and indoors where they are nesting.

Natural Pests Repellents

If you prefer more convenient repellents, you can consider choosing natural repellents which mostly come in sprays and scent pads. Keep in mind to always follow the manufacturers’ instructions to use this type of repellent since they may still involve some toxic materials though they are labeled as the natural ones.

Install Lights Feature

Bats hate the light, especially when it’s extremely bright. You can find the flashing light features which can be installed in your attic, yard, or any spots where the bats come through your house. Once you got one installed, the bats would likely abandon their nest. However, if the lights is not always turned on, you might want to add other control methods.

Install a Heater

A lot of bat species actually hate heat since they are designed to live in temperatures around 70 – 90 degrees. To benefit from this, you can install a heater to raise the temperature around the areas where the bats live around your property. Raising the temperature to 100 degrees is recommended to make the areas uninhabitable for them.

To make this step effective, you need to keep the temperature raised for several days. However, keep in mind that the heater might get overheat as it’s turned on for a long time, so avoid it away from any flammable materials.

Glue traps

First thing first, this is the most inhuman and risky way on how to prevent bats from coming to your property. Why? You might kill the bats slowly as they starve to death once they are trapped and dead animals can spread dangerous diseases and unpleasant smells.

Though strong adhesives are specifically designed to trap pests are sold everywhere, this method is strongly discouraged. You can risk both the animals and everyone around you.

DIY Repellents for Bats Removal

In addition to those bats repellents above, you can also use some easy home supplies to help prevent them from keep coming to your property. Some of the remedies may be already available in your home but you have no idea that they can work to make those bats hate your home.

Essential Oils

Some home remedies with a strong smell like cloves, mint, cinnamon, peppermint, and eucalyptus essential oils can really help to repel those bats. Here’s what you can do to make essential oil sprays that you can apply to the areas which are colonized by the bats:

  • Mix a few drops of essential oil with two cups of water and a half cup of sugar.
  • Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and apply it all around the areas where the bats live inside your house.
  • Make sure that the mixture dampens the area but does not over wet it.
  • After a few days, respray the area with the mixture as the small can fade away.


A high-quantity amount of mothballs can make the bats feel unpleasant. The chemical naphthalene contained in mothballs can cause dizziness, nausea, and vomiting for them.

You can simply place a lot of mothballs around the area where the bats are active and they will leave it overtimes. However, keep in mind that mothballs can also be toxic for some pets and children may play with them which can be so dangerous, so you might want to place them in the spots where it’s hard to reach.

Install a Mirror or Aluminum Foil

Just like a flashing light feature, a mirror or foil can also shine the lights which makes your property look unpleasant for the bats to nest there. Hang a medium-sized mirror that is enough to catch light during the daytime in your attic.

This method is actually not really effective since it only works in the broad daylight and the sunlight should hit the mirror properly. You can apply the method alongside the others for a more effective result.

Preventing Bats from Coming to Your Yard

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Besides the attic and other unused rooms inside your house, bats can also keep coming to your exterior area like the front yard, porch, backyard, and patio. It can be quite difficult to install a perimeter around the outdoor area, so you can rely on deterrents.

If the bats don’t invade the interior area of your house but are active around your exterior area, here’s what you can do:

Cover the trees

If you have trees around your outdoor space – especially fruit ones – considered covering them with nets. The fruit trees can attract the bats as they can feed on them. Once they are covered, the bats will look for other food sources instead of the trees around your property.

Brighten up the area

Not only enhance the beauty and comfort of your outdoor space, some light features can also make it uninhabitable for those bats. You can surround the space with some lights that stay on continuously during the night.

Install Pest Deterrents

The visual and noise deterrents can make your yard look and sound crowded which the bats hate since they prefer quietness and stillness. These types of devices are easy to find in local stores.

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