How To Save Money On Electricity And Gas Bills

With energy prices on the rise, it’s important to switch if you’re not on the best tariff for you. Plus, find out if you could save money by using your gas and electricity more efficiently. And, if you miss a payment, you could be hit with extra charges and end up with debt problems.

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How To Save Money On Electricity And Gas Bills

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We know it’s frustrating when your energy bills are higher than expected. There are lots of easy ways to save money on your energy use. Save up to 30% on your electricity and gas bills by following our tips on saving energy and reducing your power bills.

Cut Energy Use

You can save money on your bills every month by cutting down your energy. While gas prices have remained fairly stable in recent months, electricity prices have increased. Switching off lights when leaving a room or turning down the temperature on a central heating system will affect your bills.

If you can use alternative energy sources, such as solar power or wind power, this will also save you money.

  1. Save energy by closing the curtains and using draft excluders to stop the heat from escaping. 
  2. Using your washing machine or dishwasher at a lower temperature or running them on the ‘eco’ setting can reduce your energy bill. Also, unless you have a full load of washing or dishes, use an alternative method to clean – hand-washing the clothes or plates or rinsing them under running water.
  3. Create good habits and cut down on your electricity bills by switching lights off when you leave a room and unplugging electrical items when they’re not in use.

Replace Air Filters

Replace Air Filters

Air filters are a regular part of keeping your home running smoothly. By helping to catch dirt, dust, and pet hair before it gets into your HVAC system, a clean air filter helps keep everything working properly and reduces energy consumption.  

Replacing your air filter is critical to the health and longevity of your heating and cooling system. Often, it’s forgotten or overlooked because it’s such a simple thing to do. But when you don’t change your filters regularly, this can cause damage to your HVAC unit and reduce its performance over time. Changing your filter every 1-3 months is recommended.

Resource-Efficient Home

Never underestimate the value of a little cash back. Even if you don’t get a grant, some investments (like installing solar panels or heating systems that are more efficient) will eventually pay themselves back – and then into your pocket. The more you spend upfront, the quicker you’ll get your money back. Even if there’s no grant available to help with the cost – it will be a good investment in the long term.

If you’re thinking of improving your home, now is perfect. By taking advantage of some available grants, you could pay for many improvements in your home with money that doesn’t come out of your pocket. You could even offset the cost of certain projects by generating energy from renewable sources – like solar panels or heat pumps, which use less energy than traditional fuels.


A quarter of family budgets are spent on energy bills, and some suppliers are making it even harder to reduce the amount of gas and electricity you use. But there’s plenty you can do, like following the tips mentioned above.




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