How to Save Money on Your Monthly Internet Plan

The internet is increasingly becoming more and more expensive as days pass by. Unfortunately, you still have your other utility bills to think about, so you cannot really go all in when it comes to your internet plan. On top of that, many internet providers impose data overage fees, late payment penalty fees, early termination fees, and other extra charges if you’re not careful with your decisions.

How to Save Money on Your Monthly Internet Plan 1

Fortunately, there are several ways to save money on your monthly internet plan so that you can spend your money on other things. Let’s begin!

1. See if you qualify for internet subsidy programs by the government.

There are numerous federal government programs that provide free and discounted internet plans. You need certain qualifications, but the programs are generally intended for low-income households. Some of these programs are namely Emergency Broadband Benefit and Affordable Connectivity program. Simply look it up and see if you can apply for it.

2. Assess your needs.

The last thing you want is to pay for something you cannot entirely consume or use. We recommend you properly assess your internet needs by answering the following questions.

  • How do you use the internet? Is it simply for sending emails and occasional internet browsing? Or is it for movie streaming and gaming?
  • Do you need unlimited data?
  • How much speed do you need?
  • How many people use the internet?
  • What type of internet do you have?

When you have answers to these questions, you will likely have a better idea about the best home internet for you.

3. Bundle your services.

How to Save Money on Your Monthly Internet Plan 2

If you can’t get rid of cable, at least make sure you combine it with your internet service. You may be losing out on $10 to $30 per month if you have cable and internet plans from different companies.

Major internet providers like Spectrum, Xfinity, and HughesNet provide TV and cable bundles that can help you save for as low as $70. That could easily save you more than $20 to $ 30 a month.

4. Buy your own equipment.

Renting equipment from your internet provider costs around $5 to $12 monthly unless you pay for it upfront to avoid the monthly fees. However, before you consider doing that, we recommend you look for a good modem and router for your wireless internet. You can find quality equipment that costs under $50. You just need to make sure that the modem and router you’ll buy are compatible with your internet.

5. Downgrade your current plan.

Sometimes, all you need is to downgrade your current internet plan. It could save you an easy $10 to $25 per month. As mentioned above, it’s really important to assess your needs properly so you can determine the right internet plan for your house.

If you live with many people that always stream movies, download large files, and play online games, you’ll likely need faster internet speeds and unlimited data. But, if you live with your parents or grandparents who rarely use the internet, you can downgrade your internet plan to save money.

6. Switch to a different internet provider.

Sometimes, other providers offer the same speeds and data as your current provider for a more affordable price. If you’re in this situation, make sure to compare everything, even the performance of that specific internet provider. Because truth be told, some internet providers perform better than specific areas.

We don’t encourage you to switch to a different internet provider hastily. Instead, take your time and do enough research so that you don’t regret your decision. Moreover, you don’t want to be stuck in a contract with an unreliable internet provider.

7. Negotiate with your internet provider.

If you’ve made a decision to switch providers, we recommend you negotiate with your current internet provider first. You simply tell them you’ve found a better deal with another internet provider. In most cases, they will try to counteroffer for you not to switch — leaving you with a better offer from your current provider.

Final Thoughts

Saving money on your internet plan isn’t really that difficult. You simply need to think of creative ways to help you get what you need while spending less. So, make sure to keep these tips in mind and share them with your friends or loved ones who are struggling to save money on their internet bills.

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