How To Start an Appliance Repair Business

Kickstarting a successful appliance repair business is easier said than done. You’ll face numerous hurdles along the way, and you have to know how to deal with them. Buck up! Because this is going to be a long and hard process. But in the end, it’ll all be worth it.

appliance repair business

It Always Starts With A Plan

Before you can jump into it, you’ll need to make the right plan for your future enterprise. This means spending countless days researching and getting familiar with market statistics and data. As a new business, you’ll need to do everything possible to ensure its success. Luckily for you, we’ve formed a list of steps you’ll need to tackle in this endeavor.

  • Study The Market

Industries are always changing and adapting according to the market, so study it thoroughly. Find out who your competition is, what their services are, what kind of equipment they are bagging, and how much they charge.

The kind of business you start depends a lot on what’s already out there. For example, studying the market gives you insight into who the top dogs are and where they operate. This information will affect factors like location, niche, and prices. If you realize you can’t compete with such enterprises, it would be better to go cautiously and set up shop away from their sphere of influence.

  • Figure Out What Your Target Market Is

Companies offering specialized services often fare better than the ones with a general outlook. Figure out what service you want to offer, and make sure you specialize in something challenging.

Anyone can do small-time repair jobs, but not everyone can handle the tough ones. Appliances such as refrigeration systems, central cooling, central heating systems, etc., are especially complex. Adding these niches to your list of services will help your business stand out.

  • Work On Your Marketing

A good business always finds customers before its official launch; why should yours be any different? Explore your customer base, conduct surveys, and develop a solid client outreach plan.

Most clients might already be happy with their personal go-to handyman or whatever repair service company they’re used to. However, there are bound to be some factors they aren’t satisfied with. Maybe their handyman is always late, or maybe their trusted repair company charges too much. Whatever it is, find it out, and offer something comparatively better.

  • Create A Budget, Form A Financial Plan

Your budget is a key factor for your company’s success, so give it a lot of thought. Most business owners tend to throw vast amounts of funds into their enterprises, only to drown later. Don’t make the same mistake; spend wisely.

While getting the best tools and equipment for your company is important, it’s a waste to splurge on fancy interiors. Besides, you’ll have to outfit your workers with transportation, tool kits, and reliable safety kits. So make sure you only spend on what’s necessary.

Once you’ve formed your budget, the next step is to develop a financial plan for the first 3 years at least. Many companies have risen from the dust, only to fall within a few months. Having a financial plan and making sure you achieve it is the key to prolonged success.

  • Register Your Company!

Once you’ve done your homework, the next step is creating a company name. It doesn’t have to be catchy or spectacular, but make sure it’s a name people will remember.

Check any licenses you might need for your company; in this case, there might be many. Most repair companies dealing with refrigerators carry Environmental Protection Agency licenses. What’s more, you’ll also have to apply for any state licenses if required. For example, if you’re setting up in Texas, you’ll need the Texas Residential Appliance Installer License. Similarly, California-based repair companies might need the be certified by the Bureau of household goods and services.

You’ll probably need to get a license that works on a county level rather than a state level. You’ll have to check with your local governmental body for more information. Counties like Kaysville City, Utah, and Turlock county, California, won’t allow you to operate a repair service company out of your home. So be aware of any such regulations in your location.

Once you’ve done that, make sure you get business insurance, a certificate of occupancy, and apply for a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN). Then, it’s only a matter of registering your company officially.

Getting A Dedicated Customer Base


Now that you’ve officially opened shop, you’ll need to acquire a dedicated customer base for your business. After all, the fate of your company depends on it. Getting your first customer and permanently retaining them is difficult, but quit but quite possible. Just follow our proven strategy, and you’ll get your first repair job in no time.

  • Attract Your Target Market

A great way of doing this is by creating an online website. After all, we live in the digital age, so there’s no room for old-school techniques. You can obviously advertise by spreading flyers and running ads on billboards, but a website will always be necessary.

An attractive and well-designed website can peek a lot of interest and offer a professional look. Put a lot of thought into the company logo, and use it to attract first-timers.

Most people look for repair companies by going to Google search and typing ‘appliance repair near me‘. Since this is the case, creating a professional website optimized for SEO is essential. You can even add a dedicated blog to showcase your services, tools, work standard, or anything else that might present your company as competent.

  • Deliver Quality Service

Your first few jobs will either make or break the company, so make sure you do them well. Most customers will be willing to become permanent clients, provided you deliver quality work. You could also give them something extra, like a discount, or offer a general maintenance check for free. Customers will remember it in the long run.

Maintaining The Quality Of Work

Appliance repair companies have to be consistent with their work standards to retain customers. Maintaining a successful business and profiting from it requires dedication and hard work. Simply put, you have to be the best no matter what, irrespective of any difficulties you face.

Life as a business owner will be filled with ups and downs, so we’ve prepared a table displaying the pros and cons of running an appliance repair business.

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