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Decorating interiors will always be an exciting activity because you can show your preference and get creative with it. Choosing a certain style of furniture will indeed affect the overall look of the room but color also plays a significant role to complete it. If the combination of black and white is something very familiar, how about red?

How to Style Interiors with Red Hues

For some people, red is a bold and vibrant color that looks too intimidating and overpowering for a room. However, as long as you mix it with a balanced combination and the right arrangement, you will get a stunning room that will make everyone jealous.

How to Style Interiors with Red Hues

If you love red and consider using red hues to decorate your interior, below we have a few tips to make them look dazzling without overpowering the room itself.

Make It Statement

Create an impactful red concept with the right arrangement and combination. Since red is a bold color that’s quite eye-catching, even a small portion can become a statement. You don’t need to get a floor-to-ceiling red design to make it stand out, especially if red is not your favorite color and just to make it an accent.

First of all, choose what pieces in the room you would want to be red and make them the centerpiece or highlight with the right placement. A few items that you can consider are furniture, rug, cushions, throwing pillows, curtains, and other decorative items. Use red in patterns

Mix and Match

Red is a tricky color that can look intimidating if you fail to mix it with the right complementary colors. For example, you don’t want to use dominant colors if you want to make red the main focus since red is a dominant color itself.

If you want to add more colors, go with stronger tones like dark green, canary yellow, or citrus orange instead of pastel ones like peach, lime, and coral.

In general, you can pair each shade of red with black, white, navy, gray, cream, pink, metallics, and timber finishes. These colors work well with almost all shades of red if you want to play safe.

Main Purposes

Just like how you choose items for your room, choosing a particular color also needs the main purpose. Is it for fashion or function? If your main focus is on fashion or aesthetic purposes, you can refer to the previous point on which color is suitable to mix with red hues.

On the other hand, if the main purpose is for its functionality, you can use red as complementary such as decor items or accents.

Create a Balanced Mixing

The key when it comes to striking bold colors is a balanced combination. When you choose to use red either for the main or accents color, you have to make sure that it sits with other colors that help tone down the boldness.

It’s because you don’t want to make your room becomes more overwhelming with all vibrant and dominant colors. Another important key to toning down a vibrant color is to include as much natural light as possible through windows, glass panels, or skylights.

Red is indeed a gorgeous yet tricky color because if you fail to pair it with the right complementary color, it will only make the room feels overwhelming. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite red shade and start making your own dazzling room!

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