Moving 101: What to Prepare Before Your Hectic Day

After doing several times of house hunting, it’s finally the day you move! It’s the long-awaited moment when you move into your dream house. However, the moving process can be very tiring and exhausting both mentally and physically. It’s because of the number of stuff you have to pack and move with you.

Moving 101 What to Prepare Before Your Hectic Day

Therefore, we would recommend making a moving checklist weeks before d-day. The purpose is to make sure that everything you need is coming with you. Don’t make your exciting day becomes a disaster because of the unprepared plan.

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Below we have some tips that you can use as a reference for your moving checklist.

Moving 101: What to Prepare Before Your Busy Day

For a big day, of course, it would be better to get everything planned ahead for a smooth process.

Make a List

There are some ways that you can do to make a checklist such as writing it manually on paper, using your phone’s notes, or external apps.

You can make a list of stuff that you will bring for each room. For example, for bedrooms (a bed frame, curtains, blinds, side tables, etc), kitchens, living rooms, and other rooms. Of course, don’t forget to list any legal document that is related to your home and moving process.


Moving into a new house doesn’t mean that you have to bring 100% of your belongings from the previous one. It’s important to bring only stuff that you still and will use instead of keeping the old or never-been-used items.

Scan all items in each room and sort them based on your needs. Bring the ones that you will use and dispose of those that don’t. You can either sell, donate, or throw them using a service that provides a disposal service of big items.

Moving Company Research

Another factor that affects the success of your moving day is the moving company. Look for a reliable company with a good track record through reviews, friends, or family members. Take your time reviewing each company by going through every detail.

Once you have decided to pick the one that suits your criteria, you can contact and book the day you want. Make sure to do this step no more than four or five weeks before the moving day. Let the moving service knows the date and time you move.

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Moving Supplies

Some moving services provide moving supplies and some others don’t. If you book a moving service that doesn’t provide this, then you have to prepare it yourself. On the other side, even if you hire a service that provides the supplies, there’s nothing wrong with preparing extra supplies.

Some supplies that you will need for moving are bubble wrap, tapes, and boxes in different sizes. This will ensure your things are safer and more secure during the process.

Settle Important Documents

As stated in the previous point, don’t forget to settle all important documents. This includes school documents of your children from the old school and looking for a new one around your new house.

You might also want to get a copy of medical records from your doctor including your pets if they have a special condition that needs extra care.

Start Packing

Just like when you’re planning to go on vacation, one of the processes that will take your time and patience is the packing process. Take your time to wrap all items and sort them by type (fragile or sturdy), size, or ownership (yours, your children’s, your couple’s). You may also want to put a label on the box for an easier unpacking step.

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Notify People Around You

If the current status of your property is renting and you need to collect a security deposit, then you would have to contact the landlord. It’s also important to notify the utility service at your old and new house to fix everything. Changing addresses will affect other services too such as banks and insurance.

Clean Your Old House

Before leaving, make sure that everything is clean and ready to use for the next homeowner. Check if there’s something that needs to be fixed.

Also, please make sure to clean the fridge and pantry by eating foods that have already been opened. If there’s food that is most likely safe to transport, bring it with you because you will need food to eat in your new house.

Confirm Once Again

Contact the moving company once again at least a week before d-day to make sure that they have your details on their reservation list.

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Those are nine points that you will need to check before moving. Moving is an exciting yet hectic process so make sure to prepare it well!

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