How To Manage HVAC Maintenance & Installation During Home Renovations

Home renovations are an exciting time. Whether you are doing a simple kitchen or bathroom upgrade, adding rooms and spaces to your home or completely restoring an older home, home renovations will breathe new life into your home and deliver all of the lifestyle functions you are after.

There are many elements to consider in a home renovation, though, and it can be a messy and disruptive process to endure. You might not be able to use parts of your home for periods of time, there are hazards to be aware of and there will be times when the power and the plumbing may need to be switched off for hours or even days.

Planning your renovation is essentially, not just in terms of design, demolition and installation but in terms of how you will manage your life while all this disruption is happening.

One part of that preparation that many people do not consider is their air-conditioning. HVAC installation will need to be factored into a lot of renovations and you also need to consider the operation and maintenance of your existing A/C units as well.

The Importance of Planning Ahead of Time

You should work with an air-conditioning professional in consultation with your builder to devise a plan for all air-conditioning installations.

This will need to be coordinated in conjunction with your electrician and the timeframe for demolition and construction. If you wait until the renovation is complete, it might not always be possible to install the air-con you want, especially ducted air-conditioning.

This will also enable you to talk with a professional about the best HVAC solutions for your home. Individual spaces might be best served by split system air-conditioning, or you might want ducted air-con to service the entire home.

Discovering the best solutions, ensuring the units are available during the renovation window and weaving this installation into the overall renovation time frame should all be part of your design and preparation process.

You don’t want to incur extra costs or be forced to damage renovation aspects that have already been completed. It is also imperative to consider your existing air-conditioning units. During renovations there will be dust and other particles in the air that can cause harm to your health and damage your air-con unit.

The things to consider in your planning for your existing air-conditioning units includes:

Ensure All of Your Vents Are Covered or Sealed

You will likely have to turn off your air-conditioning units while renovations are taking place, because the dust particles will clog your filters, vents and other parts. These particles will then be circulated through your home which can impact your breathing.

To ensure your existing air-conditioning is protected, seal all of the vents completely. For ventilation and comfort, it is better to open up your home during renovations and use fans to blow away dust and other large particles.

Carry Out Messy or Dangerous Work Outside

Even with your air-conditioning turned off, there are many elements of renovation that can still damage them. Commercial tools, paint spraying devices, machinery that generates large amounts of heat and other factors can cause damage to your air-con, so carry out these processes outside as much as possible.

Make Sure You Are Cleaning Regularly

When the working day is done, you are likely going to want your air-conditioner (or heating) running so you can relax at night. Just because work has finished, it doesn’t mean there are no hazards to consider.

Try to clean surfaces of dust and other mess caused by the renovations every day before operating your air-con. Otherwise it is going to collect those particles that can cause issues in the long run.

Get a Professional Cleaning Service

If you can manage to avoid using your HVAC solutions through the renovation process, you should have them professionally inspected and cleaned before you try and operate them. Get all of the dirt and dust cleaning out of ductwork, vents, filters and other nooks and crannies in your air-conditioning system.

By using a professional air-con cleaning service you can receive a guarantee and warranty on work completed, save yourself hours of labour and get a professional clean that you might not be able to achieve on your own.

Replace The Air Filters

When was the last time you replaced the filters in your air-conditioning? This can be a good time to have them all replaced with brand new ones that are going to ensure clean and clear air in your home. These should be replaced every three months as a rule of thumb.

It will save you time trying to get the dirt out of the old ones as well. If there is any stubborn dirt, mould and mildew or visible damage like holes in your filters, they should be replaced before you use the air-con again.

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