How to Choose Inflatable Hot Tub on A Budget

Inflatable hot tub is a great addition that will complete the feature of your house. It’s a good alternative to those jacuzzis which can be quite pricey to purchase.

How to Choose Inflatable Hot Tub

Today, you can find tons of inflatable hot tubs which are manufactured with various features, designed in various styles, and offered at various price tags. Therefore, you can always choose the one that really suits your needs, taste, and budget.

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To help you to find the best inflatable hot tub, below we share with you a quick guide on how to choose an inflatable hot tub.

How to Choose Inflatable Hot Tub

How to Choose Inflatable Hot Tub 1

Choose the brand

Yeap, in the world of inflatable hot tubs, the brand does matter as you will find tons of companies that may or may not really be reliable enough. Some manufacturers offer cheap hot tubs with sophisticated features but you don’t really know how durable they could be.

There are some trusted companies that have been known for manufacturing great hot tubs – both inflatable and jacuzzi – that you can consider like Intec, Coleman, MSpa, Lay-Z Spa (or SaluSPa, and Canadian Spa. They have a great reputation in regards to creating durable inflatable spas with tempting features.

Choose the size

The size of the hot tub should be an essential consideration so you can have the one that suits your needs best. You may see the instruction on the box that tells how many people can fit inside the hot tub, but it can’t be the main consideration.

You still need to check the inner dimensions and the depth of the hot tub to visualize whether it can provide you great comfort and others who would use the tub. Also, it depends on how you would like to use the tub, do you need to fully stretch your body? Is it for personal use or party time?

Choose the price

In general, you can find three price ranges of inflatable hot tubs which are budget models (around $300), mid-range ($500), and luxury ($1,000). Of course, to determine this, you need to refer to your available budget.

The budget range doesn’t always mean the bad ones. You still can find the ones with nice features but they might not really be that sturdy. If you have enough budget, the mid-range is always a wise choice.

Consider running cost

Besides the initial expense to purchase the tub, you will need to spend more overtime to keep it running. The energy costs, water costs, and chemical costs are three areas that you need to consider.

Massage feature

Of course, what you want to feel when you soak your body into a hot tub is a relaxing feel created by the massage system that it carries. The more bubble jet holes that are attached to the tub, the more powerful it will be. The other things to consider are the type and power of the jets.

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