Is Laser Hair Removal Suitable For All Skin And Hair Types?

Tired of being after waxing, razor blades and various razors that irritate the skin and create ingrown hairs? The solution to your problems could be laser hair removal: here’s what it’s about, who it’s suitable for and what the benefits are.

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What is laser hair removal?

Laser epilation is a treatment that allows you to remove unwanted hair from the face and body thanks to the laser light that attacks the hair bulb, without, however, causing damage to the surrounding skin.

The result obtained with this type of treatment is defined by experts as a permanent reduction, i.e. a decrease in hair regrowth to the point of making it practically invisible to the naked eye. This result is made possible thanks to selective photothermolysis, the technology thanks to which the laser is able to heat the hair in depth and eliminate its root.

Laser hair removal is particularly recommended for people suffering from diseases related to the hair bulb such as folliculitis and cysts. Furthermore, it is also particularly suitable for the most sensitive areas that tend to get easily irritated with other epilation methods. However, professionals are needed to do the job. If you live in London, you would find them at 3D Lipo London Laser hair removal.

The areas that can be treated with laser hair removal are: face, legs, arms, armpits, buttocks and groin. During the treatment it is possible to work on one or more areas at a time for a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 60-90 minutes. It is absolutely normal to feel a slight discomfort during the session, such as a stinging or burning sensation, but it is not painful. Before carrying out the treatment, you must not have tanned skin and not be exposed to the sun or sunlamps for at least 40 days. Additionally, you can prep your skin with an exfoliating mitt or scrub 3 to 4 days a week.

For which skin types and hair types is laser hair removal suitable?

The main objective of the laser is the melanin present in the hair and the latter, however, also influences the color of the skin. The latter can also be determined by other factors such as vascularity and thickness. The darker the hair, the better the laser light absorption will be. The most difficult hairs to treat are red and blonde hair, precisely because they have a lower amount of melanin than dark ones. White hair, on the other hand, cannot be treated with a laser simply because white reflects light and therefore there is no absorption of the laser light.

For this reason, older people cannot benefit from this treatment. Light hair, such as blond and red hair, can be treated the same, but with special machines. In case of excessive hair, the laser can be performed from puberty, but it is important to warn the patient that with future hormonal changes it is possible that hair will grow back.

Before treating a patient with the laser, it is important to distinguish the various skin phototypes, in order to calibrate the machine so that it does not cause injury to the skin. All skin types can undergo laser hair removal and get good results, but the laser will not be the same for everyone. The definitive laser hair removal treatment is not recommended in case of pregnancy or photosensitivity, or episodes of redness or burns in case of sun exposure.

The advantages of permanent laser hair removal

The first absolute advantage is certainly that relating to the duration of the result: with this epilation method, unwanted hair is progressively eliminated until it becomes definitive, undergoing various sessions. In fact, with just one session, it is not possible to obtain an optimal result. Another very important advantage is that it is an absolutely safe method for skin health. The target of the laser is only the hair bulb, therefore, the skin is not affected by the light beam of the machine.

Furthermore, with this type of treatment annoying folliculitis and irritations that usually occur with other methods of epilation such as waxing or razor are avoided. Compared to pulsed light, laser hair removal is more effective as it is the only one capable of guaranteeing definitive hair removal and is also suitable for all skin phototypes.

The tool used by the operator is safe, as the light beam is calibrated by the operator based on the area to be treated and the type of skin, therefore, there is no risk of burning.

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