25+ Most Brilliant Long Narrow Bathroom Ideas That’ll Drop Your Jaw

Bathroom, one of the essential parts of the house that every homeowner tend to build the one which looks and feels as inviting as possible. Today, you will find easily the fascinating bathroom’s layout that will surely inspire you. Many homeowners are willing to spend many efforts and even obviously budgets to beautify their bathroom.

If you ask what is the latest bathroom trend this year, the attractive narrow bathroom perhaps is one of the top answers. The large bathrooms start to lose its popularity, and the small ones now are much easier to find in modern style property.

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Here, we have some mesmerizing long narrow bathroom ideas that will surely inspire you to build one for your next home improvement project. Have fun then!

Long Narrow Bathroom Ideas

Classy Traditional White Bathroom

White room ideas never fade from the most favorite layout option’s list. Here, the combination of major white bathroom furniture – includes vanity & cupboard – and the white ceiling holds an important role in creating a bright, fresh, and wide impression to the whole room.

long narrow bathroom ideas 1-min
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Then, the wooden flooring is a clever touch to give more refreshing earthy nuance to this bathroom. Eventually, the glass door in the shower area creates a dazzling look.

Monochromic Modern Bathroom

The simple and futuristic long narrow bathroom ideas for your modern home. The monochromic nuance is always a nice choice to give a strong sophisticated atmosphere to the room.

long narrow bathroom ideas 2-min
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In this bathroom layout, the toilet and shower area are placed side by side with a simple glass barrier to create a whole perspective to the room. Small bathroom vanity with hidden storage is enough to decorate the room.

A huge single mirror is a great touch to create a much wider look.

Earthy Futuristic Bathroom

The fascinating long narrow bathroom ideas which combine the earthy and sophisticated look at the same time. The ceramic tiles in natural decorative are brilliantly mixed with the modern bathroom features.

long narrow bathroom ideas 3-min
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Yes, the blue lighting which illuminates the ceiling, flooring, and mirror gives a perfect finish to the overall look of the bathroom. The layout slightly creates an ocean nuance with its blue and natural gray combination.

Wood Plank Bathroom

This is for you who want to have a natural style long narrow bathroom. Wood plank in dark finish is chosen to cover the wall and mixed with the white touch around the room.

long narrow bathroom ideas 4-min
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Several wall grab bars are placed which then add a bit of industrial touch to the bathroom’s layout. You can use some used shipping wood pallets to create this long narrow bathroom ideas without costing you so much.

Dark Gray Bathroom

The long narrow bathroom with dark gray nuance for you who love something gloomy. Yet, the huge window in the corner of the room gives a maximum natural light when the sunlight shines brightly.

long narrow bathroom ideas 5-min
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All the features of this bathroom are kept simple, you can see the under mount sink, frameless mirror, and small toilet works well to decorate the bathroom’s layout.

Browny Bathroom

The lovely narrow bathroom in brownie nuance which looks mesmerizing. The classic dark brown cabinet with white countertop becomes the focal point of this bathroom which is smart enough to create an inviting atmosphere.

long narrow bathroom ideas 6-min
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The curtain is used to separate bath area with the toilet and dressing area which then add a more luxurious appearance.

White Bathroom with Decorative Tile

The dazzling white long narrow bathroom ideas with the vibrant colorful tile feature surrounded the small window in its corner. It is such a smart thought to make a monochromic bathroom look way more attractive.

long narrow bathroom ideas 7-min
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The vanity is quite big yet because it’s the floating one, this small bathroom still looks beautifully neat and spacious. This bathroom feels so airy and refreshing.

Chocolate Ceramic Bathroom

Brown is always the right choice to create an inviting atmosphere to any room’s layout. Here, the glossy chocolate ceramic tile fully decorates the wall the room. The darker shade of brown is also chosen for the flooring and on shower room’s corner.

long narrow bathroom ideas 9-min
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For a catchy touch, the huge vanity mirror with built-in light is placed beside the shower area.

Modern Earthy Bathroom

Wood is indeed a never ending popular choice to give a beautiful natural accent to the room. In this narrow bathroom design, the dark grayish wooden flooring is chosen to make this natural bathroom look more elegant.

long narrow bathroom ideas 12-min
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The matching vanity goes side by side beautifully with the overall look of the room. You can see the floating lower sink and toilet keep the look of the room stay simple. Then, the dark gray shower room finishes the style of the room stunningly.

Glamorous Classic Bathroom

An awesome long narrow bathroom design for you who love the luxury of the Victorian era. The wallpaper, light fixture, and the wooden accent on the wall and the bathtub hold a huge role to influence the overall look of this bathroom.

long narrow bathroom ideas 11-min
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The combination of all the decorations beautifully creates a glamorous atmosphere that will remind you of the castle’s bathroom. The cute window on the corner of the wall doesn’t only improve the light inside but also gives another style.

Elegant Narrow Bathroom

This is a nice combination of natural and modern style in one bathroom layout. Here, the natural floating vanity and bathtub panel are mixed with the white wall and black shower room door.

long narrow bathroom ideas 12-min
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As the result, this long narrow bathroom ideas look as amazing as it appears. Natural and modern touch can always work well together when it’s combined nicely.

Contemporary Compact Bathroom

The stylish narrow bathroom in gray and white combination. The features of the bathroom are very compactly positioned to provide an adequate space around. You can see that the long floating vanity with the built-in rack is the main storage space here.

long narrow bathroom ideas 13-min
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Then, the goldish wooden accent for the towel holder beautifully adds another look to the overall layout of this bathroom.

Black and White Bathroom

Mesmerizing long narrow bathroom ideas with the combination of black and white. The room looks so airy and white with its white overall color and the brick style feature makes it look way more attractive.

long narrow bathroom ideas 14-min
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The black flooring gives another nuance which then creates such an inviting atmosphere around to the room. The long mirror also supports this bathroom to look much wider.

Decorative Narrow Bathroom

Who says you can’t have a fully decorated bathroom with various stuff in a narrow layout? This is one of the best inspirations if you want to have one.

long narrow bathroom ideas 15-min
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The combination of decorative flooring with the brick style wall doesn’t make this bathroom looks cramped. Instead, the room is surely eye-catchy, especially with those unique features around.

Boho Style Bathroom

Another long narrow bathroom ideas with the gorgeous decorative flooring. Again, the brick style white wall is opted to create a much fuller nuance. when it’s combined with the flooring, the result is a mesmerizing boho look that surely feels inviting.

long narrow bathroom ideas 16-min
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The towel ladder, shower curtain, decorative rug strengthen the style very nicely.

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Beige and White Bathroom

The gorgeous long narrow bathroom ideas with the mix of white and a little bit beige as the accent. Here, the earthy white decorative tile covers the wall and flooring to create a more colorful nuance.

long narrow bathroom ideas 18-min
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The double wide mirrors which are placed face to face is a smart feature to give a wider perspective to this long narrow bathroom ideas. As a final touch, the beige drapes as the window cover adds another atmosphere while provides the privacy for the shower room.

Gray and Off-White Bathroom

Choosing off-white instead of the dazzling white is never a bad idea to create a more elegant look. In this bathroom layout, the warm atmosphere is instantly popped up, created by the overall color and the simple features.

long narrow bathroom ideas 19-min
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Don’t forget that gray natural accent in the bath area that surprisingly makes the room look way more attractive. Then, the classic sconce, faucet, shower head and vanity beautifully gives a strong statement to this traditional style bathroom.

Glamorous Crème Bathroom

Another stunning traditional bathroom design for you who love a feminine room style. The striped crème wallpaper – which reminds you of those early European interior style – is cleverly combined with contemporary decorative flooring.

long narrow bathroom ideas 20-min
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Furthermore, this golden tower holder and beige huge valance emphasize the glamorous look of this bathroom in a simple yet genius way.

Sky-View Bathroom

This one is for you who love enjoying the view of the beautiful sky and the warming sunlight while enjoying your bath time. The long window above the mirror becomes a focal point here to make the room looks and feels so inviting.

ong narrow bathroom ideas 21-min
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The dazzling brown vanity then gorgeously gives the natural nuance to the room.

Contemporary Bronze Bathroom

A modern bathroom design that looks surely elegant with its oil rubbed bronze tile feature in its shower area. Several vertical mirrors with the height that reaches the ceiling influence a huge difference to the room’s style.

long narrow bathroom ideas 22-min
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To make it look way more sophisticated, the light feature below the mirror is installed.

White and Rustic Bathroom

Here is a beautiful white narrow bathroom idea with the rustic style major features including the mirror frame, bench, and the vanity. This contrasting combination looks very nice, creating a beautifully clean bathroom style.

long narrow bathroom ideas 23-min
image source

Another option for a modern and traditional bathroom style mixture.

Goldish Bathroom with Double Vanity

If you prefer to place a long double vanity than a single one in your narrow bathroom, this idea perhaps can be one of your references. The sink style which uses the separated faucets is actually smart to give a wide and spacious impression.

long narrow bathroom ideas 24-min
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The sconces above the mirror perfectly illuminate the vanity as the major focal point of this bathroom. It is definitely a great long narrow bathroom design for your small property.

Green and Brown Bathroom

For you who want to build a more narrow colorful bathroom layout, this one is a nice inspiration. Here, the green and brown tile are used to cover the wall.

long narrow bathroom ideas 25-min
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The combination creates a colorful yet calming nuance which doesn’t make this bathroom look messed up. Thanks to that window which keeps the room fresh and inviting to enjoy.

White Bathroom with Huge Shower Area

Forget the bathtub, this bathroom surely provides a huge shower room for your maximum shower time. Here you don’t find many decorations, so this long narrow bathroom ideas is one of the best references if you want to have the simple one.

long narrow bathroom ideas 26-min
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The look is so mesmerizing with the use of three colors, white as the main scheme, then green and blue as the compliments. It’s so simple and very refreshing.

Earthy BW Bathroom

Another awesome narrow bathroom with double vanity, and we know that unique floating vanity must be the first thing that amazes you here.

long narrow bathroom ideas 27-min
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The wood accent on that black vanity and the mirror frame beautifully creates an earthy touch to the bathroom. As you may have noticed that there are several tile styles in the bathroom layout which matches each other, giving a distinctive stunning look to the layout.

Turquoise Narrow Bathroom

If you think white is boring, this long narrow bathroom ideas is for you. Here, turquoise is nicely chosen as the main color of the room which then complimented by brown and white.

long narrow bathroom ideas 28-min
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The decorative tile wall above the vanity is a perfect decoration to make the look more eye-catching.

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So those are some amazing long narrow bathroom ideas which totally look tempting and worth to include to your bathroom remodeling project list. Choose the bathroom design which matches well with the other parts of your house like the living room and kitchen. You still have to keep the layout to flow well with other formal rooms of the house.

Happy remodeling your bathroom design!

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