Minimalist Kitchen Design: 5 Ways To Save Space

Minimalist design is trendy in 2022, and one of the hardest areas of the house to achieve this simple, clean design style is the kitchen. So many of us grew up in our mother’s and grandmother’s kitchens, where kitchen clutter was as American as the apple pies they baked there.

Minimalist Kitchen Design: 5 Ways To Save Space

There are many ways to get that minimalist look, including using less color in your design and cutting down on decorations. But if you truly want a minimalist kitchen, you will have to ditch the kitchen clutter and the apology signs that go with it.

The most effective way to reduce clutter is to keep your countertops clean, which means you will need to use every inch of the storage space in your kitchen.

Trust the Process

There are many reasons to want a minimalist design, including studies showing that a cluttered kitchen can lead to stress eating. A minimalist kitchen just feels good, and while it might be outside your comfort zone, you will have to commit to it if you want it.

First, clear everything off your counters and out of your cabinets. Then, consolidate items and toss out what you don’t need. Afterward, group like items together and rearrange everything, ensuring everything fits in a storage space. Except for a few items, the countertop is not a storage space.

Minimalist kitchens don’t just happen. People commit to them. You might have to make some lifestyle changes if you want a minimalist kitchen, and you will have to use every inch of storage space in your kitchen to get there.

Here are five ways you can save space to make achieving a minimalist kitchen design easier.

1. Pull Out Shelves

Pull-out shelves are the best space-saving solutions for kitchen cabinets. They make hard-to-reach areas of your cabinets easily accessible. Instead of getting down on your hands and knees to access the back corners of your kitchen cabinets, you simply have to pull out the sliding drawer, and everything is right there.

Made with quality materials and custom crafted with dove-tailed joints and durable drawer guides, pull-out shelves in Sacramento, CA make it easier to find what you are looking for, and they can also save you space. This makes it so much easier to achieve that minimalistic kitchen that you want to have.

Pull-out shelves can be used in any type of cabinetry and in any part of your house. You can get special space-saving solutions for under your kitchen sink and in difficult-to-access corner cabinets as well as any standard cabinet. There are rollouts explicitly designed for your pantry, too.

2. Door Organizers

There are almost more door organizers than you can imagine. You can find a door organizer for whatever type of door you have in your kitchen. There are door organizers for spices, cleaning supplies, utensils, paper towel holders, and more.

If you have an item that doesn’t have a designated place in your cupboards, chances are you can get a door organizer for it. Pantries are a great place to utilize a door organizer. In addition, some door organizers have hooks and hangers that make it even easier to store things that can hang, like utensils.

3. Lazy Susans

A Lazy Susan is a round tray that rotates on a base and makes it easy to access items. A Lazy Susan can be a great space-saving solution if you have storage space issues. Sometimes, a Lazy Susan is built into a corner cabinet. You can get many different sizes to use in various ways throughout your kitchen. You can even get a Lazy Susan built for your upper cabinets.

No rule says you can only have one Lazy Susan per kitchen. They work especially well for spices in a cupboard near the stove. They also work well in a pantry.

While only a few items can be used in minimalistic design, if you can find one that works well with the rest of your décor, you can even consider getting a fancy Lazy Susan for your kitchen countertop.

4. Adjust Your Shelves

The shelves in your cabinets adjust for a reason, even though most of us set them once and never change them. But depending on what you are storing, you can greatly increase the space inside of a cabinet by adjusting the shelf.

Also, you should consider getting shelf risers, which essentially add another shelf. Simple solutions like this are so easy they are hard to pass up.

You can make simple DIY wooden shelf risers, even if you have very little woodworking skills. Making them yourself allows you to make them to the specifications you need, and they can be stained or painted to match your cabinetry.

5. Dividers

Dividers are a versatile space-saving tool that can be used throughout your kitchen storage areas. For example, you can use dividers on roll out shelves, on your pantry shelves, and in your kitchen drawers.

Whether you purchase new dividers, divider kits, or second-hand items like old dish racks, you are simply looking for a way to make it easy to divide kitchen items, so they stay organized. By keeping them organized and separate from each other, you can pack more into a small area.

Stay Committed

If you want a minimalist kitchen and you are struggling to keep your kitchen clutter-free, remember that change takes time. Stay committed to your goal and work diligently to achieve it.

Achieving a minimalist kitchen can be hard to do even if you live alone, but after you use the space-saving techniques described above, all you have to do is keep at it. The key to success is perseverance.

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