Modern Home Office Ideas

As working from home becomes more and more common, many people are looking for inspiration on how to create a suitable and usable workspace within the comfort of their own home. Although many homes do have the facilities to have a separate room act as their home office, others need to make use of space around the home that they can easily adapt into a multi-functional home office space. Keep reading as we discuss modern home office ideas you can apply to several sections of your home.

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Separate office space

If you have a separate spare room to dedicate to your office space, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. This separate space should allow you to separate home living and your work routine, as you can make this room just like you are back at the office. Incorporate a large desk, a comfortable and multifunctional chair, as well as filing and storage cabinets and technological devices into your space. The only drawback to this space is that it can be a lonely place to be all day by yourself. Why not mount a smart TV to your wall across from your desk? This means that you can keep up to date with news, take a break by watching a show, or just have it on in the background for some background noise. If you require any TV wall mounting assistance, contact

Hidden home office

A hidden home office works well if you are limited on space. Office space can be created within a room by adapting furniture to create your office. For example, in your bedroom, why not adapt your wardrobe by taking clothes out of one side and building in a small desk inside. This can be an easy process and all you need is a chair for outside of the wardrobe, and it can be opened and used to full effect. If you would prefer for your office to be out with your bedroom, why not utilise space in the kitchen using the same concept. Remove additional kitchen cupboards and doors and simply put a chair in this space, now you can use the kitchen counter as your desk space.

 Dining room/kitchen table

If neither of the options above work for you, and you would prefer to keep your office downstairs, sometimes it is necessary to opt for using your dining room or kitchen table. This requires little to no effort and is simply a case of transferring your equipment from the office straight to the table. As this article focuses on modern home office ideas there is no reason as to why you cannot make this area more modernised. Simply keeping your desk space clean will add a minimal look. Additionally, add a few plants, simple picture frames and keep the colour scheme neutral. If you believe that painting this space will improve your work routine then go for it! We would also recommend ensuring that you keep as much light in this room as possible by keeping blinds and curtains open and making use of as much natural light as possible. That will be sure to keep the room contemporary.

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