20+ Most Inspiring Nursery Trends For 2017 For Your Next Plan

What’s next thing you think in mind besides being excited of waiting to finally hold your baby-to-be in your arms? Perhaps designing his nursery bedroom can be one of the answers. It’s surely a fun activity to find out some nursery bedroom ideas that your baby will spend most of his times.

What’s fun is you can decorate the room with lots of cute things which then sometimes take us back to our childhood memory. All parents will surely feel such excitement and may get a bit overwhelmed where to start and what kind of nursery bedroom that you should have.

Well, looking for an inspiration can the be the first step that you can do before going further. Then here, we have some most mesmerizing nursery trends for 2017 that must be inspiring you.

Inspiring Nursery Trends For 2017

So what’s trending in 2017’s nursery bedroom ideas? From the ideas that we have gathered, something with the bold floral decor, sweet treats wallpaper, vintage Victorian or Boho styled layout, placing the real baby-friendly plantation, and greenish focal walls are the popular ones.

Peachy Floral Nursery

Let’s start with this bright lovely nursery bedroom with the nice combination of white and peach.

As mentioned above that floral decor was predicted and indeed become one adored decor for this year’s nursery bedroom, and here you can find the beautiful hanging floral decor becomes the focal point here. Then, the golden ottoman and the swan nursery ingeniously enhances the glam o the room.

Contemporary Green Nursery

Matte green is chosen to give a refreshing atmosphere to this nursery trend for 2017. The layout is kept neat and simple by fewer decors scattered on the floor.

To make the room look much fuller and cheerful, the 3D floral wall sticker beautifully decorates the wall. The book case with some dolls also emphasizes the cuteness of this contemporary nursery.

Wooden Boho Nursery

If you ask what is the everlasting style of the nursery that always become the most-adored one, boho is the best answer. From last year up until this very moment, this layout design never fades way.

nursery trends for 2017

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This idea can be the good option if you want to have a simple chic earthy boho style nursery. That boho rug is obviously the main point that gives the boho touch to the room, then enhanced by the wooden flooring, crib, and decorative draperies.

It can be a nice layout if you have an existing wooden flooring for your nursery bedroom.

Tutty Fruity Nursery

You can’t deny the sweetness of this white nursery at the first sight. The fruity wallpaper is applied to decorate the room and create a cute colorful nuance.

In addition, the in-frame ice cream pictures are hung on following up the latest trend of nursery bedroom ideas. Such a simple yet lovely layout that you can try.

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Beige Victorian Nursery

The glamorous nursery trends for 2017 for your little girl in the combination of white and beige. The room looks luxuriously relaxing with those cozy furniture.

You can see that hanging table become the small central attention that actually influences the overall look of the bedroom. The drapes too, it adds a pretty stylish touch to the layout.

Earthy Green Nursery

Placing the Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree around your nursery bedroom is such the easiest way to make it look up-to-date. Here, such plant is chosen to decorate the boho-styled room to pop up the more natural atmosphere around.

Notice that unique pot which adds another distinctive element to the room design. Then, that vintage luxurious light is also something that makes this nursery idea is so inspiring.

Pink Victorian Nursery

Another superbly glamorous nursery design for your newborn queen. The full-of-fabric decorated crib surely becomes the major focal point here.

The main combination of shining pink and steel gray finish is genius enough to create a contemporary luxe touch to the whole room.

Light Blue Boho Nursery

The bright mesmerizing boho nursery bedroom with light pastel blue as its main color. With that decoration on the wall, Scandinavian-styled rug, hanging flower decor, and wooden flooring, this room becomes way more adorable.

This is actually a gender neutral boho nursery since it’s neither too bright nor too dark.

White Rosy Nursery

This is a nice alternative of adopting floral decor for your baby girl’s nursery. You don’t really need any of those floral decors once you have a floral wallpaper installed.

One thing that you have to pay attention to is to keep the color stay light and pastel rather than the vibrant one. It’s much better to make the room much brighter and neater.

White and Green Nursery

A nice alternative for you who want to have a green nursery without looking too green. Here, matte green is smartly chosen to colorize the ceiling which is great to give the greenish impression to the whole room.

The room feels so comfortable with other calming color scattered around like white, earthy brown, and black. It surely looks and feels so inviting.

Gray Bunny Nursery

When you feel confused what animal to pick in decorating your nursery while following the latest trend, don’t be hesitate to go with the bunny.

This cute animal is said to be the most popular animal character that is chosen by many homeowners to decorate their nursery this year. In this gender-neutral nursery, the huge monochromic bunny picture is placed next to the crib to make it become a major focal point around the room.

Black Floral Nursery

For you who prefer to go with the darker shade for your nursery plan, this one can be a nice consideration. The floral stuff as the latest trend of nursery decor is applied to only one side of the wall, also to add another cuter look to the room.

This nursery trends for 2017 looks elegant and quite glamorous with that light fixture, washed wooden flooring, armchair, and ottoman. The crib is kept to look natural to give a more refreshing touch.

BW Floral Nursery

The mesmerizing BW floral nursery that is absolutely marvelous! The wallpaper is the major focal point here that makes the entire room look beautifully full.

The flooring which has a very decorative pattern also enhances the overall look of this nursery. Then, the homeowners smartly choose simple decoration in other neutral colors. Don’t miss that golden accent on the mirror, light fixture, and rack which add glams to the room’s style.


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Deep Turquoise Nursery

Another good alternative for you who want to go with green nursery but doesn’t want to look really green. Here, the deep matte turquoise gorgeously mixed with white and light brown to create a cute yet elegant look.

To make the room keeps look cheerful, the vibrant decorative orange drapes, brown ottoman, and light orange sofa are placed. Then the cute owl framed pictures tell you that this is indeed an up-to-date nursery layout.

Gray Mountain Nursery

If huge floral wallpaper is the latest decor for the baby girl’s room, then the painting mountain is for the boys. You can always choose this option to make your plain room becomes the trendiest nursery of the year.

In this nursery trends for 2017, the BW mountain is hand painted alongside that bright yellow sun. The single wall with some pictures always becomes the major point, and so does this wall. The striped drapes, gray crib, and yellow rug ingeniously decorate this nursery.

Blue Mountain Nursery

Perhaps, BW seems too boring for you, then this blue mountain will be more suitable. The mountain painting looks more vibrant with those blue shades combination, and the trees also make it look more attractive.

We can’t help to adore those air balloons, clouds, and small lights which awesomely decorate the upper part of the wall and brings the room’s overall look to a whole new style. Then, the all black crin and white sofa are enough to finish the decor.

Gray Animal Nursery

The inspiring gender neutral nursery trends for 2017 which, of course, use the monochromic nuance. We know that those baby animals pictures are the first things that catch your attention. They are indeed a super cute decor that makes the whole room looks so inviting.

The yellow and peach light fixture is installed to give a more colorful impression to this nursery design. The small stars then make the room look much fuller.

BW Boho Nursery

Without a doubt, this nursery trends for 2017 make BW layout look irresistibly cute! That BW boho tent is such the sweetest thing that makes the room’s layout become uniquely beautiful.

Then, the writable wall with boho style mountain painting and decoration enhances the adventurous touch of this baby boy’s nursery bedroom. For a more simple yet colorful touch, orange cushion and ottoman beautifully decorates the room.

Green Flooring Nursery

The last most mesmerizing 2017’s nursery bedroom idea goes to this inspiring green-themed layout. If you find those green nurseries apply the color for the walls or ceiling, here, the green flooring is chosen.

As you can see, the room looks so bright and airy with the white walls around. The unfinished crib also gives the more earthy nuance to this nursery bedroom. For much cuter look, the tree and flowers wall sticker decorate the plain wall.

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Well, those are some inspiring and most updated nursery trends for 2017. You can always choose the one which suits your requirement, matches your existing layout, and of course, represents your upcoming baby’s personality. To ease you to pick the right nursery bedroom layout, below, we have some tips that you can consider.

Tips to Decorate the Nursery Bedroom

  1. Pick the Particular Theme

    Don’t ever let the decor of your nursery bedroom look contrary to each other. The furniture, appliances, wallpaper, and accessory should match each other. Therefore, choosing a particular theme will help you to choose what kind of decor that you have to apply to your nursery plan.

  2. Choose the Right Color

    Actually, the nursery trends for 2017 is back the preceding year which is the pastel ones. Such schemes have been adored for a long time by many homeowners. Consider these: muted green, earthy light brown, glacial gray, pale pink, and off white.

  3. Determine the Focal Point

    It’s true that the decor of a nursery bedroom should look as cheerful as possible, but you have to keep it as neat as possible too. Avoid using big objects which can catch much attention in one room. The crib is the most common focal point of every nursery, but you can move it to the windows, huge toys, or unique accessory.

  4. Consider to Decorate the Ceiling

    Try to give the ceiling something to enjoy about, both for your baby or you. Painting the ceiling, sticking the mural or even gives some hanging decors is always a nice idea.

  5. Adding Some Long Drapes

    Drapes always make the room feels and looks inviting, especially for the nursery bedroom. You can add a long pastel curtain to the window on one corner of the wall. Then, decorating the crib with some drapes is also a nice idea.

  6. Get Creative with the Storages

    Since you can easily find unique cabinets in the market, don’t forget to get creative with the storage furniture. Babies need lots of stuff for their daily needs, you can take advantage by placing not only a reliable storage station but also the adorable one.

  7. Go Green

    As mentioned above that real plant is the latest decor of nursery trends for 2017, then you can’t miss place one in yours. The plantation will add a more distinctive touch to the room while also refreshing the atmosphere around.

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