Perks Of Investing in Turkish Real Estate You Haven’t Thought Of.

More and more foreign citizens become owners of comfortable housing in sunny Turkey. In addition to the unique climate, good ecology, wide comfortable beaches on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, foreigners are attracted by optimal prices per square meter, a simple and transparent procedure for concluding a deal, the ability to obtain a residence permit, and citizenship. To have your own comfortable home for rest and permanent residence you can address property brokers in Turkey using the Turk.Estate website. You will learn more about which housing units are most popular among investors from abroad and what are their main advantages from this article.


Apartments by the sea

The main advantages of buying an apartment in Turkey by the sea:

  1. Health benefits. On the coast, there is always fresh air saturated with sea salts, which will strengthen the immune system, significantly improve the health of people suffering from chronic diseases of the respiratory tract, cardiovascular system.
  2. Great recreation opportunities. Living by the sea is an opportunity to organize your vacation at any time of the year, without wasting time and money for buying a ticket, searching for and renting housing, organizing leisure activities.
  3. Landscaping and infrastructure at a high level. The coastal areas in the south of the Republic of Turkey are being actively developed. Over the past few years, a huge number of modern residential complexes, villa complexes with their own infrastructure, the use of the latest technologies and building materials, and a well-thought-out layout have been erected.

Purchase of real estate by installments

Apartments in Turkey by installments are very popular with foreign investors. That means that you can buy quality real estate at the best price without overpayments.

An installment plan from a developer in Turkey has several advantages:

  • Relatively small initial payment, approximately 20-40%.
  • Prompt registration – takes one or two working days.
  • Optimal payment terms, calculated for the period from the moment of purchase to the end of construction work and the introduction of the residential complex into operation. 
  • The cost of real estate is lower at the construction stage than when buying a property in a residential complex put into operation.
  • Excellent investment prospects, allowing you to generate income from rental or resale.

Purchase of apartments for subsequent renting

Buying an apartment in Turkey is not only a vacation in comfortable conditions on the seashore several times a year, but also an opportunity to receive a stable passive rental income.

Regardless of the chosen rental option – long-term or short-term -, you will make a profit. However, the key to success, in this case, is the right choice of real estate. In particular, the greatest demand is for apartments and villas in the resort regions of the country, located within walking distance from the coast, urban infrastructure, and attractions. On average, the return on a short-term lease is about 7-10%. It is most profitable to rent out an apartment in Turkey during the high season, that is, from May to November. 

Some more benefits of investing in real estate in Turkey

From the point of view of investors, Turkish real estate is distinguished not only by its high demand among tourists and its favorable location in popular resorts. Professionals highlight other advantages of this market:

  • Favorable ratio of local currency and other world currencies. Buyers with dollars or euros benefit from making large purchases in Turkey.
  • The abundance of offers in the category of housing allows you to purchase an apartment at an attractive price per square meter.
  • Some developers provide housing in modern complexes with well-thought-out internal infrastructure – with gyms, swimming pools, shops, playgrounds, etc., everything that is necessary if you want a comfortable life and good rest.
  • When making a purchase at a price of USD 250,000, the buyer has the right to apply for Turkish citizenship.

As you can see, the Turkish real estate market is full of opportunities that, with the right approach, can easily turn into a stable income.

The intricacies of investing in Turkish real estate

When planning investment in housing in Turkey, you should pay special attention to the choice of the property. There are a few things to take care of:

  • Repair. If you are planning to buy an old home, renovate it and sell it profitably, then do not expect to receive a high income. Modernizing an old building can be very costly, but it will not affect the value of the property in any way.
  • It is profitable to rent apartments in Turkey. This is confirmed by studies that show that 30% of the total number of people visiting the country prefer to stay in rented accommodation rather than hotels. Therefore, buying an apartment in a popular location for rent is a profitable solution. In this case, special attention should be paid to the location of the housing. In the resorts, comfortable housing, located in close proximity to the beach, will never be empty. Management companies can help organize the lease.
  • Buying under construction is the best solution if you want a profitable investment. Acquisition of a building housing will allow you to save the initial budget, refuse mortgage lending, get an installment plan from the developer and maximize profit from the acquisition of the housing in the future.

Property in Turkey

As you can see, the Republic of Turkey offers a large selection of real estate that is profitable in terms of investment. In order not to be mistaken, it is better to approach the choice responsibly and seek help from experienced real estate companies. Real estate website Turk.Estate acts as a confidant and reliable assistant for its clients and guarantees a successful purchase of housing in Turkey in all respects.

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