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Some of you may just go buy planters that look attractive to you, especially if you are new to home plants. When actually, the main role of the planters is to provide a perfect home for your beloved plants.

Planter Buying Guide 1

That being said, checking some points to consider when you are buying some planters is definitely important. You have to choose the planters that best suit your plants so they can grow happily ever after.

In this article, we have compiled some steps that you can follow so you can get the best planters for your plants on our Planter Buying Guide below.

Planter Buying Guide

Planter Buying Guide

Size does matter

Before style, color, material, or anything, size should be the very first thing that you keep in mind. It should be the first point to consider so things will not go wrong.

The easiest way is that you can buy a planter in the same size as the plants come with. It’s such a good start to provide their first home before they grow bigger.

For you who are planning to buy the planter for your currently growing plant, always buy the ones which is around 1 or 2 inches bigger in diameter than its previous one. Of course, the perfect time to replace the planter is when the plant has overgrown it.

Material that builds them

As you may have been aware, terracotta and ceramic planters are still popular options until today. The reason why is that they are considered more porous and dry quickly than wood or plastic planters.

However, it’s always an important consideration to choose the types of materials that really suit your plants. It’s because some types of plants need particular materials to thrive. Orchids, for instance, should be planted in the planters which are specifically designed for them.

You can do a little research or ask the gardener to find out the planter material that suits your needs well.

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Drainage plays a huge role

Of course, planters with good drainage are a cozy home for planters so they can grow properly. The planters with improper drainage will just kill the plants.

The rule of thumb is that you should buy planters that come with drainage holes, so you don’t have to bother yourself to make some all by yourself. They are ideal homes to keep your plants alive in a very convenient way.

Design beautifies the plants

When it comes to picking the design of the planters, the initial thought is to choose the one that matches the color, texture, and pattern of the plants. The planter should flow beautifully with the plants.

The planters which come in plain and calm colors are perfect to protect the plants which look striking with their attractive patterns and texture. The point is, that the planters should highlight the plants instead of overcrowding them.

Have a nice try on buying the best planters for your beloved plants!

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