Plumbing and Unblocking Services in Brussels 

Plumbing and Unblocking Services in Brussels 

The plumbing system in every home is crucial residentially and commercially. Plumbing doesn’t just enable water to flow in and out of a building, it also includes the waste disposal system in your home. Your plumbing system includes all the pipes, fixtures, valves, and tanks that are installed in a building to enable the flow of portable and wastewater. The piping system that comes with plumbing may become blocked or wear out with time. In this case, you will need a professional unblocking service in Brussels.

3 Primary Types of Plumbing and Unblocking Systems

  • Portable Water System

This system is installed to bring drinking and cooking water into a building. In this system, water is pumped and directed into a structure or tank and distributed to other areas of a building through pipes.

  • Sanitary Drainage System

This system is involved in the removal of wastewater from a building. It typically has a series of connected pipes that remove wastewater from sinks, toilets, and bathtub areas of a building.

  • Stormwater Drainage System

This system is involved in the removal of rainwater from a building structure. This system includes a range of drains and pipes set up around a building to enable the free flow of rainwater away from the building structure.

What Are Plumbing and Unblocking Services?

Plumbing and unblocking services are professional skills, measures, and efforts that are put in place to ensure that the three plumbing systems work perfectly. Plumbing and unblocking services also include measures that are put in place to fix leaks, unclog pipes, install and maintain the toilet systems of a building. These services are usually carried out by plumbers.

Common Types of Plumbing and Unblocking Services

The type of plumbing and unblocking services are wide and numerous, each design to meet the daily demand of clients. Popular services include; plumbing repairs, garbage disposal, sewer pipe repair, busted pipe repair, and plumbing inspection. You may also need to call a plumber to carry out stormwater drainage repair, septic plumbing, leak detection, repair, drain cleaning, storm drain cleaning, fixtures, sink repair, and hydro jetting to mention a few.

While plumbing and unblocking services are mainly associated with water-related activities, they may also include installation of heating systems, maintenance of heating systems, installation of water boiler systems, maintenance of water boiler systems, installation of washing machines, and installation of water furnaces.

Tools and Equipment Used in Plumbing and Unblocking Services?

To carry out effective plumbing and unblocking services there are usually a couple of tools and equipment required. These tools and equipment are handled by a plumber and used in utility spaces or behind walls. Some of them include; pipes, wrenches, pliers, water filters, water pumps, pipe bending machines, water meters, etc.


Plumbing and unblocking services in Brussels are an integral part of every building. With such services, a building owner ensures that they have a system in place for the provision of clean water, and removal of wastewater. If you want to sell your house, the state of the plumbing system will contribute significantly to reducing or decreasing the value of the property. So, always seek out the best plumbing service in Brussels.

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