Things to Know About Precision Fence Company

Precision Fence is a popular fence company that has established for over 15 years of experience. Located in Central New Jersey owned by a family makes this company getting a number of customer’s trust. The company is not doubted to achieve its success because they always offer the best performance and high quality. Precision Fence is well-known as the full-service fence assembly with a number of projects both of small and large projects for commercial or residential.

The company has launched the products with the high features and supported styles that are very recommended for you. Moreover, they give the lifetime warranty to maximize the company performance. Coming with the best quality products, it allows the company to have a variety of fence both of style and materials. Well, the customers can choose the styles and the materials as you love. Now, we are going to share you about the Precision Fence with some materials.

If you are interested in building the fence, it is better for you to know about the company before. As well as for Precision Fence company that always offer the best quality fence products.

Precision Fence Products

1.Vinyl Fence /PVC

precision fence
Credit: Precision Fence nj

In fact that every company enables to produce the vinyl fence as their products. The reason is, vinyl fence can bring the beautiful appearance with high security. Coming with white color, allows the fence delivering the luxurious and stunning design. Furthermore, the vinyl fence is also well-known as the fence with durability and long lasting material. With installing this fence, you do not need to do maintaining because it is completed with components that can soak away the rot, decay, and fungus that will appear on the fence. As well as for the Precision Fence, it offers the great features with a variety of beautiful models.

By installing this vinyl fence, you are exactly can protect your children and pets not to go outside. However, this fence functions to prevent the strangers to climb over the fence. With attractive provided styles, it allows you to choose the best one for completing your home. The Precision Fence company also offers a variety of fence models, they are;

  1. Traditional scalloped wide-spaced 3″ spade picket with Gothic Caps
  2. Solid tongue and groove with closed-spindle top and New England caps
  3. Contemporary narrow-spaced 3″ spade with New England caps
  4. Contemporary wide-spaced 3″ dog-eared picket with New England caps
  5. Contemporary scalloped narrow-spaced 3″ dog-eared picket with gothic caps
  6. Solid tongue and groove with square lattice and flat caps
  7. Solid tongue and groove with deluxe lattice and New England caps
  8. Classic straight top picket with New England caps
  9. Semi-alternating picket with gothic caps
  10. Traditional narrow-spaced 3″ dog eared picket with New England caps
  11. Solid tongue and groove with New England caps
  12. Semi 6″ picket with New England caps
  13. Semi 3″ picket with closed-top and New England caps


2. Aluminum Fence

precision fence
Credit: Precision Fence nj

This kind of fence becomes popular for several decades. It is caused by the performance and the materials with maintenance free. This fence is same as the vinyl in terms of durability and treatments. Aluminum fence provides the strength, beauty, and design without any rot, dirt, fungus and others. You absolutely can install this fence with simple and easy ways. With assembly this fence, it exactly can prevent some strangers not climbing over the fence or protect your pet not to go around well. Some models that Precision offered are certainly delivered the perfect design both of fence and gates.


3. Wood Fence

precision fence
Credit: Precision Fence nj

Wood, as the natural materials for any kind of home properties including the furniture and home equipment, becomes a great idea today. Coming with natural looks and warm colors, it allows your home getting the adorable appearance. As you know that wood is not others materials where it can withstand to weather and rot resistant. The wood fence has the overage that can not stand for the weather. But, if the installer gives some substance for making the wood long-lasting, it enables the fence getting longer. However, the wood fence still becomes an option for people in installing around their home. The Precision Fence company provides some models with different design, they are;

  1. Single Convex privacy
  2. French Gothic-Convex
  3. Flat Top Board on Board
  4. French Gothic Picket
  5. Gothic Picket
  6. Plywood Raised Panel
  7. French Gothic-Concave
  8. Tongue and groove Square Lattice Top
  9. French Gothic Privacy
  10. Victorian Alternating Picket Top
  11. Flat Top-Concave
  12. Tongue and Groove
  13. Universal with Picket Top
  14. Tongue and Groove diagonal Lattice Top
  15. Flat Top Privacy
  16. Double Concave Privacy
  17. Victorian Scalloped Picket Top
  18. Concave Privacy
  19. Dog Ear Picket
  20. Gothic Privacy
  21. Victorian Straight Picket Top
  22. Flat Top Picket
  23. Double Convex Privacy
  24. Gothic Board on Board
  25. Dog Ear Privacy
  26. Concave Pointed Picket
  27. French Gothic Board on Board
  28. Flat Top-Convex
  29. Universal Lattice Panel
  30. Victorian Stepped Picket Top


4. Chain Link

precision fence
Credit: Precision Fence nj

Chain Link comes with long lasting and durable materials that fit for your fence. This kind of fence is well-known as the most popular fence because the existence is getting better result. Available in multi colors and grades create this fence becoming many people choice. Chain link fence is also completed by high security that enables keeping the children and pets to get a safety. For building this fence around your home, you can still look outside and get in touch with your neighbors. Because the chain link is designed with transparent appearance.


5. Welded Wire

precision fence
Credit: Precision Fence nj

Precision Fence company offers the wire fence with perfect construction. This fence is different from woven wire fence where it has more hard structure. By installing this fence, you can exactly get free maintaining with rust resistance and excellent corrosion. At first, this welded wire is made from keeping the livestock or plantation. As the progress, it is also ideal for keeping the people house from the outside damage sources. For preventing some strangers climb the fence, you can add the sharp fence toppers on the top fence.


6. The Vinyl Caps

precision fence
Credit: Precision Fence nj

The Precision fence company offers the vinyl caps that can make your vinyl fence getting beautiful, they are:

  1. Vinyl Newel Queen Post Cap
  2. Metal Top Brushed Stainless Post Cap
  3. Vinyl 4″ Classic Low Voltage Lighting Post cap
  4. Vinyl External Flat Post Cap
  5. Metal Top Green Patina Post Cap
  6. Vinyl Coachman Post Cap
  7. Glass top Cambridge Sunflower Post Cap
  8. Vinyl Tear Drop Post Cap
  9. Metal Top Brushed Copper Post Cap
  10. Vinyl Grape Solar Post Cap
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