Protect Your Home This Summer with These Renovation Ideas

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During the summer, many homeowners spend more time working on renovations. Since it stays lighter for longer and the weather is comfortable, the summer is the best time to tackle outdoor renovation ideas. Don’t have any renovation ideas but want to spruce up your home this summer? Spending time on some of these renovation ideas is an excellent use of time to help protect your most significant investment; your home. Check out these renovation ideas that can help protect your home’s value and condition.

Window Shutters

Finding the right amount of sunlight to enter your home can be difficult. While you don’t want your home to be too dark, too much sunlight can also be blinding and make it exceptionally hot. This is especially true during points of the day when the sun is directly hitting your home. Upgrading your home’s window shutters is an excellent summer project.

One DIY project you can try this summer is to install swinging wood shutters to your windows. Not only do they help you limit the light coming in, but they also make your home look great. The addition of window shutters can help enhance your home’s curb value and the resale price.

Want to take on a bigger project this summer? Consider replacing your home’s windows. Replacing your windows offers many benefits to help protect your home’s condition. To learn more, check out these five reasons to replace your windows.

Gutter Guards

Your home’s gutters play an essential role in the movement of rainwater away from the foundation. In addition, gutters help to drain water away from your roof. Clogs and debris in dirty gutters limit the ability of the gutters to work correctly. The summer is a great time to tackle cleaning your gutters.

While you’re at it, consider adding gutter guards, which work to prevent the build-up of debris. Gutter guards are a smart way to protect your home from costly damages. Adding gutter guards means you won’t have to worry about cleaning your gutters next summer, giving you more time to enjoy the season and spend time with your family! 

Learn about the best leaf guard for gutters to see which is best for your home.

Siding Maintenance

Many homeowners neglect taking care of their siding. All types of siding materials used on homes require maintenance. Since they come in direct contact with the elements, your siding endures a lot of wear and tear. One way to maintain your home’s siding is to get soft-washing done regularly. This removes the dirt and algae that grow on homes. Not only is this important to maintaining the appearance of your siding, but these growths can slowly damage your siding material.

Learn more about the importance of pressure washing your home

If your siding is too far gone, it may be time to consider a replacement. An expert can help you determine the best options for your siding. The summer is the best weather to have siding cleaned or replaced.

Spruce Up the Garden

Summer is the best season to work on your gardening and landscaping. Whether you hire a professional or DIY your own landscaping, a fresh front yard helps spruce up your home’s curb appeal. In addition, it’s a fun nighttime or weekend activity when you’ve got spare time. While you’re at it, you’ll soak up some healthy Vitamin D from the sun. Get the kids involved to make fun family memories.

The curb appeal of a home plays a significant role in its value and ability to sell. Maintaining the appearance of your landscaping can help when it comes time to sell your home. Whether you’re adding new mulch, planting new plants and bushes, or revamping the landscape lighting or pavers, there are many directions you can take this summer for landscaping upgrades.

Give your Home a New Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint for the exterior of your home can spruce it up instantly. The price for professional exterior house painting will vary depending on your home’s size and the number of stories. Generally, you can expect a mid-size home to cost between $3,000 and $5,000 to repaint. Though this seems like a big undertaking, a fresh coat of paint can pay for itself. It can help your home look great from the exterior and attract buyers while giving it a revamped and stylish look; what’s not to love?

Getting Started

Make the most of your free time this summer with some of these renovation ideas. Not only will you help restore your home’s luster, but you’ll also be working to keep it in tip-top shape. If you wish to keep it, you’ll get more longevity out of your home and prolong costly replacements while genuinely loving where you live. In turn, you’ll protect its value over time. It will be easier to sell if you wish to sell it.

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