Redecorating Your Home

Your home is a place to relax, spend time with family, and recharge from the responsibilities of modern life. As a place where you spend so much important time you want your home to be decorated well and filled with high-quality possessions and this includes your furniture. Buying luxury furniture Los Angeles-based can help make your home a better and more fulfilling place to live.

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However, one of the first steps in creating a home that is truly your own is tying everything together. A décor theme is very practical as it can give you a framework to build on and while you don’t have to follow it one-hundred percent, it can help give you a starting point on how you want your home to look. Here are five common home themes and elements that make up each.

Five Themes For Your Home

  1. Traditional: a traditional style is a classic one, drawing from many cultures, chiefly from the 18th and 19th centuries. Color choices are inviting, making use of green, peach, tan, and warm earth tones. Floral patterns are also used alongside oil paintings, still life artwork, vases, chandeliers, fancy lamps, carved wood, and other well-established concepts. Traditional homes also have a sense of symmetry.
  2. Contemporary: modern design concepts are neat, organized, and favor straight lines. Color choices are natural and furniture tends to use solid colors instead of extravagant patterns. Fabric choices include cotton and silk with a notable lack of adornments. There is a sense of functionality, cleanness, and minimalism in many contemporary homes.
  3. Industrial: the industrial décor is a unique blend of mid-century design ideas, minimalism, and a lack of polish. There is a roughness to industrial designs that many find appealing with furniture and accent pieces designed to show age and wear. Details include exposed brick, steel, unfinished wood, polished copper, and metal accents. Angels and lines tend to be stark and rough calling to mind hard work and manufacturing.
  4. Cottage: this style can overlap and blend with other styles. However, it does focus on a general theme of cozy and relaxation. A cottage-style home will be comfortable, simple, and not overly designed. Concepts can include wood, iron, light colors, floral patterns, and bright interiors. A cottage home may have a mix of modern and vintage to reflect your character and taste.
  5. Rustic: a rustic home is similar to a cottage home but is still a distinct décor concept all its own. A rustic home calls to mind the country, the frontier, living off the land, and wide-open spaces. Design concepts can include raw unfinished wood, flannels, plaid, leather, and dark but natural colors such as darker greens and tans. Where you live can also influence décor choices as some rustic homes have more southwestern Hispanic influence while others are more classic American south.

Where Luxury Furniture Comes In

No matter your décor concept of choosing your furniture should be of the highest quality. Furniture, if well-made, can last decades and provide you with years of comfort and use. Cheaper furniture does not last as long and in addition, may not be as comfortable or as satisfying as a luxury option. When you pay for the quality you acquire a piece of furniture that fits your needs, and you know is something you’ll be happy to use every day.

Final Thoughts 

A home is every bit as unique as the people who live in them and your home should also reflect a décor and design that you like, and find appealing. As a place where you spend a great deal of your time your home should be what you want it to be. If your living area isn’t living up to what you want it to be a redesign (along with some new furniture) can help fix that.

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