Remedial Waterproofing: Common Problems and How to Fix Them

Have you ever wondered why you are facing water leaks through the roofs, walls, or windows? You have used costly components that have long durability. Still, you can’t prevent waterproofing failure. 

remedial waterproofing
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Well, the reason is not too hard to find, and it doesn’t happen alone for a single reason. Insufficient maintenance or faulty craftsmanship can cause you severe losses.

This article will guide you with some common causes and remedies for waterproofing failure. We pomwaterproofing where we can help you out.

Let’s dive in.

Common Reasons Why Waterproofing Fails

You can face waterproofing failure mostly because of faulty handiwork. Another great reason is using a substandard membrane that can merely protect your roofs. However, there are some other reasons which can bring the hassles.

Let’s check the following causes:

Flat roofs on top-floor

On high-rise buildings, nothing can harm itself more than a flat roof. Flat roofs hold rainwater. Later the stuck, excessive water penetrates through the roof concrete and the membrane, which eventually leads to leakage. And the final result you face is structural damage. Also, you might use the best protector membrane or layer on the roof. Still, the rainwater can seep across the edge because of a faulty fitting and bring the same destruction.

Wrong installation

Never compromise on quality crafting or plumbing at your roofs, verandas, balconies, and windows for saving a few bucks. Those outside parts of your home need professional touch during waterproofing installation. 

In addition, do not purchase or utilize low-quality membranes. Plus, some precautions need to be followed before you install the membrane, and you should not avoid those for serving a quick installation.

Irregular And Insufficient Maintenance

Like any other thing, your roof waterproofing needs regular maintenance. Whatever the best quality products you use, they will lose their quality over time. And there will always be one or several signs like concrete cancer. If you continue regular checking, you will be able to spot those signs and take remedies on time, avoiding bigger harms.

A big fracture starts with a single small crack. Therefore, look for any kind of tiny hole or crack in the membrane, and deal with instant cure as soon as you find it.

People tend to check only the roof while other outer areas like windows, which are exposed to weather, also need minimum checking and maintenance from time to time. You may use fancy paint, but that will not save your home from construction damage.

Using Wrong or Unsuitable Product

So what is the other reason that may cause your roof a waterproofing failure? Yes, you got it right. It’s either a cheap or inappropriate product according to your requirement. During purchase, you might go for a membrane that looks fancy or may save you a few bucks. But the important question is if your membrane will be flexible enough to withstand extreme weather. Also, those must be UV and chemical resistant. If you live near a sea area, the membrane must be preventive to the salt air.

Sometimes, people choose a rooftop garden, and they will need a membrane that will not allow root penetration.

What are the Dangers Caused from a Waterproofing Failure

In a severe case, defects created from waterproofing can cost you more money than you think. However, the membrane price is much less than the concrete installation. But what are the issues you might face from a defective membrane?

Let’s explore them:

Concrete Cancers

The most dangerous part caused by waterproofing failure can be concrete cancer that weakens the base and structure of your building. These rots occur when the steel reinforcing within the building’s slab begins to oxidize or rust from exposure to air and water. Over time, you start to notice that your building structure has begun to show signs of wear and tear. And this can be the worst nightmare that will cost you serious and expensive issues if you leave it untreated, misdiagnosed, or given a hasty treatment.

Leaking Water

When holes are created on your roof or walls, the water enters and damages the carpets first. The water can seep through wall-side furniture, paintings, or cabinets and weaken the bondings that may result in fall-off from the wall, including their appearance’s damage.

Risk of Dangers

Structural injuries straightly lead to the risk of collapsing the damaged parts of your home. It can increase the liability and insurance for you.

Unsuitable for living in

Even if the waterproof failure does not collapse the building, it may become uninhabitable for you. It will not only destroy the pleasant appearance but will leave home uncomfortable, including increasing the living cost.

How to Prevent and Fix Waterproofing Failure

Well, the corrective part is how you can avoid waterproofing membrane failure or cure it well if it’s already damaged.

Regular Checking

Nothing but regular checking of all the areas exposed to water is the easiest way to prevent a waterproofing failure. 

Thoroughly check the drainage system; if there is any block, remove it so that water cannot run out while raining.

And accurate plumbing is a must. Check windows don’t have any single stains or narrow holes that might allow water to enter. Quickly fix it. If there is a need for professional service, don’t hesitate for the sake of saving money.

Replace the membrane

If the membrane on the roof is damaged and old enough, replace it. Pick the products from the sellers who don’t only sell but have a good reputation with auxiliary services.

And finally, use the service from a professional company who knows their job well.

Wrap Up

Easy precautions like using standard products and maintaining regular inspection can save you from huge maintenance costs for waterproofing remedies. Don’t compromise with any faulty system in your habitat and workplace.

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